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Letters to the Editor: Religion vs Public Schools, Gun Laws and More

Local Principal's Vision for a "Kingdom On Earth" Education Structure in New Public Schools.

If you're a Bend-La Pine resident you might have heard of the two new public magnet schools opening next year. These are smaller scale experimental schools to be publicly funded and operated. What you probably haven't heard is that the soon-to-be principle of one school, and current principal of Summit High School, Dr. Alice DeWittie, has recently published an article detailing her mission statement for a "Kingdom on Earth" structure in the public education system.

In her article Dr. DeWittie directly references these new schools as an opportunity—created by god—to fulfill the last leg of her four-step religious mission: "Vision Catching, Taking Territory, Occupying, and Expansion Implementation." To be clear, she believes she's achieved the first three steps at Summit High School. She states that years ago god told her that, "Everything you have physical responsibility for you have spiritual responsibility for as well. 'I had physical responsibility for this school, therefore I had spiritual responsibility.'"

Dear citizen, the leader of a publicly funded institution, that is constitutionally restricted from blending the intentions of religious dogma and educational practice, just claimed to have god given spiritual responsibility for your children and tax dollars. Earlier in her discussion, she explicitly details how she took a faith-based mission statement and converted it to secular language so that her staff could carry out her divine vision. This is in addition to statements like, "Clearing out the spiritual muck that exists is all-out warfare" and, "The third shift in radical transformation is to learn to occupy...all of it is based on God revealing His model, His basic design for how people and systems work in relationship." If all this seems unbelievable, I highly recommend you take the time to read the breadth of her article which can be found by searching: "Engaging Our Nation's Youth: A Radical New Model for Education," published by Pneuma33 Creative.

If you're a community member who cares about rational thought, action, and intention in our public school system and also finds Dr. DeWittie's mission statement to be unacceptable, I urge you to speak out. Contact the school board, message the superintendent, discuss the issue with your fellow parents and neighbors. We the public cannot sit idly by and let this transgression of contemporary rationality and separation of church and state go by without comment or fight.

— Devon Holler

In Response to, "Walking the Line: Court rulings have opened new avenues into area schools for religious groups, Children from Tumalo Community School are sat down to listen to Bible verses and religious lessons." (2/2012)

We just received a flier last week that was in our 5-year-old son's school folder. My other son is a third grader and we never received anything for him in the past four years. As others have said, parents must give permission for their children to attend (Child Evangelism Fellowship, CEF meetings). Needless to say, I quickly began to educate myself with this group and their teachings.

As same-sex parents my concern is that CEF is permitted to teach these kids that it's their belief that homosexuality and same sex marriage is wrong. They have the right to their belief but by teaching kids this at such an early age flows over into the classroom.

My kids do not need to have these kids tell them their dads are going to hell. We have experienced that already from a classmate that had obviously been taught (this) by their parents. Kindergarten kids can't even grasp the full consent of same-sex families and all the dynamics of those families. I plan on meeting with the principal to see what other groups are permitted use of school after hours as I have never seen any fliers.

Who knows? Maybe I will start a same sex group and send out a flier throughout the elementary school. I wonder if anyone would bat an eye?

— Dan Ort-Patrick

In Response to, "We Need Stricter Gun Controls." (10/2)

"So Jim, since you're presenting yourself as an expert on firearm purchases in the United States, was this "background check" you claim you had to go through for car rental a federal criminal records database or simply a common credit-worthiness check?

And if there's a pawn shop that will legally sell you — a Canadian citizen — a handgun today then one of these two things must be true: A) You have already have gone through the process to become a permanent United States Resident or; B) You have already been issued an alien number or admission number which will be verified with the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) during the NICS (National Instant Criminal Service) records check.

And if you do try to buy that gun today, you will be background checked again. First through, the Oregon State Police for any state records that may indicate you are prohibited from possessing a firearm; then there will be a federal records check through the NICS database.

Of course if you know all this then you also know lying on form 4473 is a felony that may subject you to five years in prison (and will definitely impact your immigration status).

Welcome to America.

Enjoy your freedom!

— RC Johnson

In Response to, "Source Spotlight: Mike Ficher." (10/4)

Mike is my hero at KPOV. On top of all that he does that keeps him so busy, he's tirelessly working to make KPOV sound better. I love his show and I get sucked in so quickly! Here's to Mike!

— Bill Powers

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