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Liberal and Proud of It

Conservative doctrine has gotten this place, Earth, into one vat of trouble after another. Some believe humans are a crisis species. That's bullshit. Conservative policies are consistently to blame. Old-school religious, sociological, economic and political agendas advocate elitism, racial bigotry, sexual bias, a lack of education, the blatant disregard of science and the advancement of violence. There is a growing difference between the rich and the poor. Religion has taught not tolerance but open hostility between rival factions. Food, water and medicine shortages are the norm on this planet. The depletion of the ozone layer, a global warming spell, biodiversity losses, deforestation, habitat fragmentation, desertification - conservatives have led us into an ecological nightmare. Liberals have been put aside for too long.
Leftist thought should no longer be considered a mechanism in the advancement of Communism. To be liberal is to be concerned and committed to open-thought, free speech and a government that looks after its citizens from the cradle to the grave. To be liberal is to be concerned with the environment, economic justice and racial/gender/sexual orientation equality. To be liberal is to walk upright like the proud, free citizens the founders of America wanted us to be.

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