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Little White Lies or Half Truths?

Victoria Smith speaks on the school districts cuts.

Last month, the school district announced that they cut eight administrative positions. What they didn't announce was that a year ago, one of the individuals took a position in Portland and they never filled the position. Other administrators absorbed that workload. Also, three of the positions were elementary assistant principal positions, but in reality they had never been filled. In other words, there wasn't another human being tied to those positions.

The other four people were in assistant principalships at the elementary level. So, in reality, four were cut and two earned the privilege and were offered temporary principal-ships positions that will last a year. Out of the supposed eight administrative positions that were cut, two are without administrative positions so they were put back into a certified teaching position.

What I find interesting is just two weeks prior to this supposed "cut" to appease the community, two people were hired outside of Central Oregon. One from Portland and one was brought back from Europe, both were hired to fill principalships.

I am sure the ones they hired will do a great job. But if there were qualified people to fill these positions within our Central Oregon community family, why are we hiring two people outside of the community?

Don't we teach our children to tell the truth? Or just Little White Lies? Two plus two does not equal eight.

- Victoria Smith, Bend

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