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Peter Pothole (The Parkway Rhyme)

I have been following the blog at the end of the 'Road to Nowhere' story, published in April. The comments are great, and I came

I have been following the blog at the end of the 'Road to Nowhere' story, published in April. The comments are great, and I came up with a little ditty that sums up the 'potholes' (as Aussie put it) at the heart of ODOT.

If Peter Pothole picked a peck of Parkway problems, how many problems could Peter Pothole pick?

Perhaps we should painstakingly ponder this perplexing puzzle. We know our autos pitch and popple precariously as we pass along the patched Parkway pavement. The patch is spattered with puckers and pudding stones, which prove to be problematic. When it rains, we fear plunging precipitately into puddles and pothole ponds.

We pay profusely--so why is our Parkway so primitive?

Possible because ODOT prefers to postulate and pretend their position is to produce passable pathways! They prodigal-ize precious funds and are impervious to probes of their processes. We are privy to the practices of ODOT picking the public's pockets to pad the pockets of their pals.

Perhaps we push to punish and prosecute these participants? Perform a polygraph--send them to the pokey? Or parade the pathetic parasites to the pillory?

We must pressure the politicians to put a stop to this pork-barreling!

The PR puppets prevaricate and provide propaganda to protect their pals who are prospering by the precise plethora of problems Mr. Perry is prying into. Peter Pothole on Mr. Perry's claims, "That's preposterous! We are prideful of our policies and procedures!"

Is he positive? Or is this another pompous proposition the pesky PR people prefer we pursue? Their paltering press releases pert' near perturb the public! Your pontificating is poppycock! The proof is in the pudding. THE PARKWAY IS PATHETIC!

Your pointing to Mr. Perry as a pest makes you appear pugnacious. Please don't pule. Our preference is for ODOT to be punctilious; to provide peace of mind--proof that you are in the pursuit of premium pavement.

Poor Peter Pothole! You've become the protagonist popinjay in a play of perplexing proportions, putting you in quite a predicament.

Call me a pessimist, but I predict ODOT's priority is to continue to pilfer public funds, and prey upon our pathetic pocketbooks. I don't mean to push the panic button, but the public is in peril. No pun intended, we must protest! And push for positive proof that ODOT's pursuits are pure and professional!


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