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Round and Round We Go in the Snow

Q: What's the difference between Crappy Roundabout Art and Snow Plowing?

A: The City of Bend only pays for one of them.

We have crappy roundabout art that the City of Bend has spent money on all over town - yet we don't pay to maintain our roads after a storm???

Driving around Bend after it snows is like taking your car down the Air Chamber at Bachelor. I don't care if everyone in this town drives an Outback or a Hummer - you still need to plow.

For those of you who haven't traveled much, you should know that this level of road maintenance is not normal. Back East it'll snow two feet and the roads are bone dry in an hour or two.

If we had the proper plows they could probably take out some of the roundabout art while they're at it ...

Preston Strout

(Editor's Note: Bend's roundabout art is purchased by a private arts group, not with city tax dollars.)

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