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Though disappointed, I am not surprised that, once again The Bulletin would endorse the reelection of Rep. Greg Walden.

Particulary this year, when Congress’ favorability rating for Republications has been as low as 10 percent, we have heard more than ever the mantra “throw the bums out.” Why not our “bum?” That seems to be the problem. We want everyone else to throw out their Representative, but never want to get rid of our own.

I have attended a Walden town hall meeting and he has proudly proclaimed his allegiance to Grover Norquist, the extreme right wing of the Republican Party (read Tea Party), and, consistent with his voting record, corporate America.

Rep. Walden is paid no less than $174,000 annually, plus medica and retirement benefits, to do what? Does he at least study the proposed legislation that comes across his desk? Probably not. Why should he when the decision as to how to vote is made for him by either Grover Norquist or Eric Canter, Republican majority leader. Would you read hundreds of pages of legislation just to vote “no” if by chance it may make the opposition look good; regardless of a possible benefit to the American people? Or study it when you have already been told that, regardless, you will be vote “aye?” Where does that leave us? Of course, it allows for more time for Rep. Walden to meet with lobbyers who are only too eager to contribute to his reelection in exchange for favorable legislation; favorable to them, not us.

Walden has voted to defund Planned Parenthood and belongs to the party whose platform says to women “no” to choice, to legal abortions, to contraception, to the control of our own lives and bodies. What are they suggesting? Are we stupid, ignorant, or so pathetic that we cannot be permitted to make these decisions for ourselves?

And what if we are receiving Medicare or social security? The leader of the Republican Party says that Republicans don’t represent us; we are lazy, leeches, unmotivated, no matter that we EARNED those benefits. How confident are you that Rep. Walden has your back? It’s time to throw our Representative out!!


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