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Senior Portrayal Was Unfair

Erin Foote  Marlowe,

Just what do you know about symbols of senior citizens? Your article on  “Seniors Want Their Money Back” displays "people" with walkers, with canes, with wheelchairs but no name attached:  Is the man with the cane Neil Bryant? Is the man with the walker Mr. Buchanan? Surely they are not senior citizens. Most Elders walk with both feet and without assists.

Your article indicates some bias. You are most likely a young-person, or you would never display ELDERS (seniors) as with assists of some kind. And you are unkind by assuming that. Who is your mentor around the ELDERS (seniors) who consulted with you on your article?

An article like the one you wrote is unfair. You didn't mention BPRD employees get their money from property taxes that are paid by elders as they most likely own their own homes. Yet, they are the ones you describe in the way you describe, which is to the elder unfair.

You described Mr. Ward’s clothing, but what does Horton wear, you didn't balance anything out. Shame on the article.

So, in summary, something your article does not include.

Your thesis statement (that’s the one in the beginning,) lists disc golf, dog park, new trail, for a reason I cannot, as a former English teacher, understand.

Care to comment?

Editor’s note: Cover and story art is dictated and developed by editors and illustrators, not the writers. In the case of the Bend Senior story, the challenge was to create a provocative image that conveyed the essence of the conflict between United Senior Citizens of Bend and the Parks District. The imagery was developed as a commentary on the conflict rather than the individuals involved. In other words, it was not meant to be literally interpreted. That said, we certainly apologize for any offense given. – Eric Flowers, editor




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