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The City's Land Grab

While the final report is still pending, the Department of Land Conservation and Development has indicated that it is getting ready to throw the city of Bend's growth boundary expansion back in Bend's lap after finding what appear to be numerous fatal flaws with the document. Most notably the expansion is totally overblown. You can hardly blame the staff who were given their marching orders by a stubborn city council determined to push the limits of Oregon's urban planning laws. But what's really befuddling is the city's, at least preliminary, indication that it's ready to go to the matt over a fatally flawed growth plan, girding itself for an expensive legal battle with state land use cops. The city has already spent years gerrymandering the UGB to appease all the special interests, even as DLCD staff gave strong indications that it wouldn't fly. Now the already broke city is refusing to admit defeat, which is not only stubborn but stupid. We haven't seen this kind of self-delusion since Rummy was running the show in Iraq. WTF?

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