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The Super Bowl of Straight Poop Happens Here Weekly

News makers from previous week.

Monday, Jan. 16

Dropping like flies: Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman drops out of GOP presidential race, endorses Mitt Romney ... Meanwhile supporters of Texas Gov. Rick Perry urge him to drop out too ... Wikipedia Shrugs: Popular online encyclopedia and other websites to go dark Wednesday to protest legislation they say will kill internet freedom ... Meanwhile US Federal Trade Commission probing Google for possible antitrust violations involving new social media site Google Plus ... Idol worship: Lifelike 12-inch action figure of the late Steve Jobs withdrawn after "immense pressure" from his family and Apple lawyers ... Call it Bootylicious Beyonceous: Australian researchers discover new species of horsefly, name it in honor of Beyonce because of its beautiful golden butt ... Down and out in Buckingham Palace: British government tells royal family it can't afford to spend $92 million for new royal yacht ... Congratulations, you survived it: Psychologist determines that third Monday in January is most depressing day of entire year.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

Good deal if you can get it: Mitt Romney estimates his income tax rate is only 15 percent, but refuses to release tax returns ... South Carolina crowd boos Ron Paul for suggesting US didn't have legal right to kill Osama bin Laden ... Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC airs ad urging primary voters to support Herman Cain; Colbert praises him for being such a political outsider that he's not even running ... Landslide in the making? Petitioners calling for recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker needed 540,000 signatures to get recall on ballot; they turn in over a million ... Worse and worse: Five more bodies found in capsized Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia; meanwhile captain says he wasn't trying to flee ship but "fell into" lifeboat by accident. Uh-huh ... Cleaning up their act: Los Angeles, world center of adult entertainment industry, passes law requiring porn performers to use condoms; porn merchants not pleased ... In a probably unrelated development, LAPD finds human head in bag along hiking trail below "Hollywood" sign.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

An artful dodger: ABC reports Mitt Romney has stashed millions of his personal wealth in notorious Cayman Islands tax haven ... Not quite artful enough: FBI charges seven members of Wall Street "criminal club" with insider trading, says they raked off tens of millions ... The Web empire strikes back: Websites go dark and calls and emails flood Congress in opposition to Web censorship bills; two prominent backers of bills withdraw support ... The plot sickens: LA cops find hands and feet near site where human head was discovered Tuesday.

Thursday, Jan. 19

Hell hath no fury: In ABC interview, Marianne Gingrich, Newt's second wife, reveals he asked her for "open marriage" so he could continue affair with woman who became his third wife, says he had trysts with her "in my bedroom in our apartment in Washington" ... Oblivious to this, Rick Perry abandons presidential campaign, throws support to Gingrich ... Meanwhile Gingrich reports he and wife Callista (aka Number 3) paid more than $990,000 in taxes on adjusted gross income of $1.3 million in 2010 ... Electoral oopsie: Rick Santorum claims victory in Iowa caucuses after recount shows he beat Mitt Romney by 34 votes ... Unfortunate development: Photography industry pioneer Kodak, founded in 1880, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection ... Magic fading? Ratings for season premiere of "American Idol" down 24% from last season's premiere, but still top show in its time spot.

Friday, Jan. 20

Staked through the heart: Controversial internet anti-piracy bills dead after House and Senate leaders decline to push them ... Better think this over: Scientists trying to produce more contagious strain of lethal avian flu say they'll "pause" research to allow time for more discussion ... Could see this coming: Italian consumer rights group and US lawyers plan class action suit for passengers on Costa Concordia, say they'll seek at least $160,000 for each; 21 passengers still missing and presumed killed ... Another great one passes: Legendary rock/jazz/blues singer Etta James dies of leukemia at age 73 ... But what if she agrees to wear a burkha? Iranian government shuts down shops selling Barbie dolls in crackdown against "manifestations of Western culture."

Saturday, Jan. 21

So now who's in first? Gingrich crushes Romney by 12 points in South Carolina primary to claim mantle of GOP's "Anybody But Romney" faction ... Hope dwindles: Divers continue search of Costa Concordia wreck as prospects for finding more survivors dims; fears grow that ship will break up, releasing oil ... All in God's name: Attacks by Islamist militants kill more than 150 in Nigerian city of Kano ... Rime of the Youngest Mariner: 16-year-old Laura Dekker docks her 38-foot sailboat Guppy in St. Maarten, Virgin Islands, becoming youngest person to complete solo round-the-world voyage.

Sunday, Jan. 22

Playing catch-up? Bowing to pressure from other GOP candidates, and following loss of South Carolina primary to Gingrich, Romney says he'll release his tax returns, admits on Faux News he "made a mistake" not doing it sooner ... Sad conclusions: Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno dies at age 85, months after being fired in child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant coach ... US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shot in head by crazed gunman in Tucson more than a year ago, announces she won't seek re-election ... Stupor Bowls: NY Giants, New England Patriots win despite lackluster performances, advance to Super Bowl.

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