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The Truth About Organics

In response to "Let's Eat Local" December 10, 2009. . .

CSA would be hard to carry out year round in Central Oregon because winter farming in the Willamette Valley is an exception rather than the rule. Winter growing, for the most part, is done in cold frames or green houses due to the rain.

I have shopped at Devore's since 1978 and at Nature's since 1983. Both stores drive to the valley once or twice a week year round and have done so for over 20 years. They go to local farms in season and to that "large scale wholesaler" Organically Grown Company in season and winter. Thank goodness for that wholesaler or Central Oregon would be short on organic produce in the winter. OGC has networked and transported organics into the Pacific NW year round.

OGC started out as Organically Grown Co-op in 1982 and was founded by farmers. Please go to their website Their Lady Bug line comes from growers that operate small to medium-sized family-owned farms located throughout the Pacific Northwest. They won an award from PGE in 2005 for "environmental leadership." Their Eugene and Clackamas locations use 100% wind power, use only B20 grade bio-diesel fuel that is made mostly from used cooking oil, and they recycle 89% of their companies' byproducts! Please go to their website - they do so much more. They are a wholesaler that serves "organized purchases of organic produce" . . . in short they are a middle-man for the farmers, devoting much to the environmental issues of today and for future generations.

Yes, farmers pay for this service - but your using the word "escape" paints a nasty picture of this truly grassroots company that has very much affected our corner of the world for the good.

I am thankful to have local stores that purchase their produce from locals when possible and from the "organic wholesaler" that brings it to us in winter from other areas so I can have "organic with a conscience" year round.

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