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Victor is the Choice for Position 1


I read with interest Foster Fell’s letter in support of Barb Campbell for Bend City Council, Position One. I appreciate Fell’s advocacy for his candidate, but was a little surprised that he found it necessary to take an unwarranted swipe at her opponent, Victor Chudowsky.

Here’s what you need to know about Victor:

1. He’s really, really smart. He has a Ph.D. in political science and makes his living writing analytical reports on education research for policymakers at the national level. He knows how to sift through data and understands how to ask the questions behind the questions. Victor will bring some much-needed brainpower to the city council.

2. He understands the issues and will be able to make informed decisions from Day One. Victor has served as a volunteer on the Future of Public Transit Committee, the Public Safety Funding Committee and the City Budget Committee.

3. There are many ways to “own a business” in Bend. Some folks own a retail business. Others, like Victor, are self-employed consultants who work out of their homes. Both contribute to the fabric and wealth of our local community.

4. Victor earned the endorsements of the business community the old-fashioned way. He studied up on the issues and spoke to lots of folks in the community. Anybody who takes a few minutes to chat with Victor will immediately be impressed with his depth and breadth of knowledge on the challenges facing the city.

Bend needs leaders like Victor Chudowsky. He’s smart, he’s done his homework and he’s earned your vote for City Council. A vote for Victor is a victory for the City of Bend.

- Brian Stallcop



Just read your article on "Riding Dirty." I came up in the sport of cycling back in the '80s and '90s during a peak in popularity and participation thanks to riders like Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong. Having competed for many years and having worked my way up to the highest levels it saddens and angers me to see what has become of the sport I once fell in love with.

Of course, cheating in sports is not a problem just for cycling. This can be found in almost any sport these days, not to mention many other aspects of our modern day society. Seems to be human nature to try and gain an edge no matter what the playing field.

To their credit, the governing bodies of US cycling have made honest moves over the years toward addressing the problem but it remains a serious stain. And its a complex problem. Does cleaning up the sport in this country put our riders at a disadvantage when competing internationally?

There is an old and deep-rooted culture of "anything goes" in places like Europe where cycling remains extremely popular. Cheating is one of the reasons I quit years ago as I could no longer justify the all-consuming dedication and cost it takes to compete at the highest levels and know for a fact that the playing field was not level for riders who choose to compete clean.

Does a sport with two black eyes already need more stories like this?

I got out of the game long ago and if it helps to address the problem of cheating over the long term then I'm all for it. In the meantime I'll find my joy and fulfillment elsewhere in life and reminisce about the glory days when I can feel good about achieving what I did honestly and that will have to be good enough.

-Jeffree Ensing

Former US national champion and US team member.



I’m weary of local politicians who treat voters as if they think we just fell off the turnip truck. It was disappointing to learn Bend Council candidate Doug Knight may be one of those politicians. ("City Council Candidate May Lose Professional License”).

Doug begs disbelief when he says the reason he falsely reported on Continuing Education (CE) issues to the Oregon State Licensing Board twice in three years is, "It’s difficult to keep up with these licensure requirements..." since he’s registered in four states.

If he can't keep track of such a simple thing as licensing requirements, unchanged in Oregon in roughly 20 years, can voters trust him to manage the complex and evolving issues in front of city council?

Further, this was not innocent paperwork snafu.  Doug had to choose the names of classes he did not take and then willfully submit those names as classes he did take in documents with the licensing board. Twice.

When the board discovered Doug’s false reporting through random audit in 2008, they did little but reinforce the rules.  When Doug says this of his false reporting again in 2011, "That precedence that was created in 2008 was what predicated my actions." I translate that to mean: "I got away with it before and I’m cool enough to do it again."  And one might wonder whether Doug thought it unlikely to be caught twice given the random nature of board audits.

A board investigator says, “Being truthful is an issue that the board takes really seriously." As a Bend voter, truthfulness is something I take seriously too in evaluating candidates.

In the article Doug says this issue is a simple matter of continuing education and doesn't impact him being an effective city councilor. As a voter, I say this is a "red flag" issue. That Doug continues to make excuses for his repeated ethical lapse might make voters wonder if he’ll tolerate the same of staff if elected.

That should give voters pause. After all, isn't the COB management’s and staff’s tendency over the years to think Bend is too cool for the rules (as in the UGB issues or ADA compliance issues or Federal water improvement agreement issues) and then stretch the limits of transparency in reporting to authorities and communicating facts to citizens part of the reason we're in the pickles we’re in now?

Doug's knowledge as an engineer and Bend Planning Commission experience previously offset my concerns about his tendency towards "too cool for rules" style.  But Doug’s response on falsifying CE reporting as captured in the article makes me rethink my support of his Bend Council candidacy.

Doug could still handle this to maintain trust with voters. Here's how: acknowledge he made a willful error, take responsibility for the lapse in ethical judgment and explain what he will do to make this right.

I look forward to seeing how Doug handles this before I mark my ballot.

-Bend Resident Michele Romeo



Do you cast your vote by party line as your parents do?

Do you vote for the most charismatic candidates that vicariously connects with you?

Or do you vote for candidates that  support your special issues even if they are not  critical national issues?

Those of you who have seen many campaigns, know much is promised but real change is difficult to deliver.  Nevertheless, America  must go on with a strong economy that simultaneously encourages and rewards investment and innovation while  provides a safety net for those  in need.

Here are the top 3 critical issues facing America this election:

Economy –   The American net national debt now stands at $16 trillion.   History has shown that excessive national debt will cripple countries both internally and externally.    The personal anguish and street protests in Europe, are vivid examples of the consequences.

Fully a third of this debt was booked by President Obama in a short 3.5 years, and now stands as the highest amount of debt in human history!

The concept that President Obama inherited the debt is false.

President Obama’s annual Federal spending as a percent  of GDP will average 23.8%, (even eliminating carryover from Bush’s 2009).  This is  higher than  Federal spending  under the Bush presidency 20.9%  (including  2009) and in the World War II years of 1944 and 1945 of  22.7% and 21.5% of GDP.

Obama’s Federal spending is almost 14% higher than under President Bush (23.8% /20.9%). (1)

Remember that President Obama approved several stimulus packages (over $800 B)  that have yet to show results.  Much of the Federal debt has been absorbed by the printing presses of the Federal Reserve Bank, where the Fed’s balance sheet has precariously gained  $2T  since the financial crisis (2).

In 2011, for the first time, the USA credit rating was downgraded and the GDP growth rate is now a record low of  1.3% (3,4).

President Obama has blamed the resistance of a Republican-controlled House.  However, not a single Democrat would vote for President Obama’s budget in 2012 House & Senate or in 2011 Senate votes.   The USA now has 3 years without an approved budget. (5)

You may recall that in President Clinton’s  last  6 years, the Republicans controlled Congress,  yet Clinton was  able to pass balanced  budgets and ended his term with a surplus!   In a democracy, the President  must work with all to achieve compromise.

Obama’s only stated solution is to eliminate the 15% tax rate (and add a 3.8% “Affordable Health Care” surtax) on capital gains and dividends for those couples earning over $250,000/year.  This tax increase is only expected to raise $700 B over the next decade.  (approx. $70 B/yr).  (6).    With a deficit over  $1.1  T /year, this tax only makes a 6%  impact on the debt! (7)

Data from the last 40 years, clearly shows that  increases  in  capital gains tax rates actually leads to less total tax revenue.   (8)  Entrepreneurs reduce investment to create growth under high tax regimes.  For those of you who have no stock investments,  the impact you will feel will be less investment in new businesses, less growth and fewer new jobs created.

Trade-  We count on government to initiate and finalize international trade agreements that will secure markets for our exports.   Under President Obama’s term, the USA has only secured 3 new international trade agreements.  Two of those agreements  were actually initiated under the Bush administration.  To contrast in the same time period, China has signed 15 trade agreements (9).   President Obama has clearly lost this opportunity to grow American exports.

Energy policy –   In the last 4 years, technical advances in  the oil industry have made enormous quantities of  natural gas and oil in “shale” rock formations  economical to produce in the USA.   As a result of this success, US natural gas prices have dropped by at least 50%.  Many   gas consuming industries have made plans to expand in America  and even to export gas, as the USA is now sitting on a new energy supply that may last an additional 100 years.

President Obama has done little to support and has even impeded this innovative work that occurred  by the private sector on private land.  Instead, the President has funded $90 B in solar and wind companies that has produced little economic value.  In addition, he has twice vetoed the Canadian section of the Keystone pipeline that would bring Canadian oil to the US market.  Coincidental to his veto, Canadian oil company,  Nexen  has now accepted a purchase offer from the Chinese National Oil Co. (9)

Support of a policy (drilling and pipeline permits & natural gas vehicles) to develop the enormous North American natural gas and oil resources has the potential to transform our political economy with low cost energy independence from unstable suppliers.  President Obama has failed to recognize this and America is missing this monumental economical and strategic opportunity.

These are the top 3 critical national issues that will support the bulk of future progress in  America. Few other issues can match the impact of these.  President Obama has clearly failed to lead America and is not worthy of another term.  Mitt Romney has prioritized pro-growth  positions on the economy, trade and energy.

Vote for Mitt Romney for President.

David C. White, Bend, OR


1 “The 10% President”  WSJ 9/24/2012

2  “Fed’s Massive Print Run Disguises Deficit”  WSJ 9/14/2012

3 “S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time”  Washington Post  8/5/2011

4 “Gross Domestic Product: Second Quarter 2012” Bureau of Economic Analysis 9/27/2012

5  “GOP: 3 years and not one federal budget; This is Obama leadership?” IBD  5/19/2012

6 “Obama’s Revenue Soup” WSJ 4/11/2012

7 Treasury, 10/1/2011-9/30/2012

8  “A Capital Gains Primer” WSJ 9/21/2012

9   Condoleezza Rice,  RNC  8/29/2012

10  “China’s CNOOC to buy Nexen for $15.1-billion” Financial Post 7/23/2012


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