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I, too, have stopped reading The Week In Review feature because I don't care about celebrity "news." I did, however, glance over the most recent feature for election results.

Someone may have already pointed this out, but same-sex marriage passed in three states (Maine, Maryland and Washington), not four. In Minnesota, a ballot measure to restrict marriage to a union between a man and a woman failed. A victory for LGBT citizens and their allies, indeed, but a far cry from full marriage equality. Just wanted to let you know.

- Alert reader


I did not prevail in the election just past for state representative from Bend. While I will not be working in the Legislature this session, I still come away from the campaign experience victorious. I win because I get to stay in this place I call home.

I am proud of the campaign we ran with the resources we had available and grateful for the support of those individuals and organizations that shared our vision of economic vitality and diversification, educational excellence and affordability, and protection of the environment and our quality of life. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your concerns and for your patience over the past year with the door knocks, phone calls, mail, and other contact from my campaign! Please excuse the intrusion as due to my enthusiasm for public service.

It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn more about our city and state and to be a part of this extraordinary community. Thank you.

- Nathan Hovekamp

Candidate for State Representative District 54


Dear Ms. Marlowe,

I am writing to you regarding your comment in paragraph two under the heading "The Current Problems." You state, "A conservative majority was created by Eager, Ramsay, Greene and Eckman (who resigned last week after losing a bid for re-election to Sally Russell..."

Your comment implies that Kathie resigned because she lost her bid for re-election. That is inaccurate and insensitive! She resigned because her husband is terminally ill. If not for that, she would have gladly served out her term.

Further, you should know that despite the very negative campaign aimed at Kathie by her opponent and supporters, she took the high road when she resigned (for family health reasons). Kathie recommended to the Council that they appoint Sally Russell to her seat on the council for the remainder of her term.

Kathie Eckman has honorably served this community for many years and she has always taken the high road. In my opinion we all owe her a debt of gratitude for her dedicated civic service, and I hope that you will offer Kathie an apology.

Sincerely, Ed Payne

Editor's note: Eckman did not return our requests for comment on why she resigned. We felt it best to state only what we knew to be certain in our print story, which was that she had resigned immediately after losing the election. We were not implying that is why she resigned. We, too, are grateful to Eckman for her service and generosity to this community.

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