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Go Here 7/8-7/15

Beat the Heat

There are plenty of better ways to get out of the sweltering temperatures than the air-conditioned cineplex. (Although Ant Man does look pretty good.) James Jaggard, general manager of Wanderlust Tours, has some suggestions for absorbing knowledge instead of UV rays. No sunblock is required!

Cave Tours

The number one suggestion from Jaggard is to go underground into lava caves where the year-round temperature is a steady 45 to 48 degrees.

"As soon as our tour-goers get into a cave they are feeling pretty good," says Jaggard. "It is nature's air conditioning at its best!"

The best-known and most heavily attended cave may be Newberry National Volcanic Monument's Lava River Cave, but Jaggard's tours take people to what he terms "caves off the beaten path"; some open to the general public, others private and licensed to tour companies to protect their fragile environment.

"We invite people to have an awesome time with a naturalist guide," says Jaggard. "We will enjoy mother nature's air conditioning while exploring the geological wonders here in Central Oregon."

Wear sturdy shoes and bring a jacket.

Canoe and Kayak Tours

Wait out the heat doing something indoors and, as the sun begins to set, head out in a canoe or kayak to view the evening sky. The same high-pressure system that delivers heat provides for clear nighttime star-gazing. Wanderlust heads out every night to view the full moon or the constellations of the Western sky from the waters of Elk, Hosmer, or Paulina Lakes.

"Right now is a special time as Jupiter and Venus have converged and are both visible," explains Jaggard. "Along with the encyclopedic knowledge offered by our tour guide, these excursions are spectacular and beautiful."

Local Brew Tours

If the heat leaves you more thirsty than energetic, hop on one of Wanderlust's air-conditioned vans for a daytime tour of local breweries, wineries, and distilleries. "We keep people under cover and in the air conditioning the entire time," explains Jaggard.

Each tour includes four stops with tastings, cold water, light appetizers, and a chance to, as Jaggard puts it, "to nerd out" about the science of fermentation.

"We go behind the scenes at a few breweries to see how beer is actually made," noted Jaggrd. "The tour is a great way to learn about the brewing process."

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