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Phil's Trail

The tried and true for Bend mountain biking

Phil's Trail
The Phil's Trail network is a must-do for MTB noobs and visitors to Bend.

It's where it all started—all 400 miles of it—the most famous and popular single track in Bend. Named after Phil Meglasson, one of the insightful few who built trails for locals back in the 1980s, the Phil's complex is ground zero for the "fast and flowy" nature of Central Oregon mountain bike trails.

Phil's Trail is iconic and considered a "must do." You can approach via trails at the Phil's trailhead, from midway via FS Road 300, from Green Gate off Century Drive via Storm King, or from other trails including South Fork, Skyliners or Sector 16. Most do link-ups of other trails for a more robust ride, but however you piece your Phil's day together, it makes for a stellar Central Oregon MTB experience.

Directions: Paved access to the trailhead is only 3 miles from downtown. Drive or ride west up Galveston Avenue, which morphs into Skyliners Road. Passing Mt. Washington Drive, if you are pedaling, you can jump on the paved path called the West Bend Trail, on the left-hand side of Skyliners. The paved turns to doubletrack at the Skyline Ranch junction. Follow said dirt until it takes a left-hand turn at the entry to Phil's, staying on single-track (Marvin's Garden trail) to the parking lot. Cars: simply follow Skyliners to the trailhead sign.

From the trailhead, ride west on Ben's trail to FS Road 300, or Kent's, to the Phil's intersection. The lower section of Phil's is one-way (downhill). Phil's is a two-way trail from FS Road 300 to where Kent's intersects.

Above FS Road 300, the upper section of Phil's (called Helipad) is a bit more challenging, but worth the effort.

Commitment Level: 1-2 hours. More if you "explore."

Sweat Level: Low to Moderate

Stoke Level: High

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