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May the Source Be With You

September Edition

The air is filled with smoke, summer is almost over and there are more people in the local hospital with COVID than ever before, but at least we're not all still arguing about masks anymore. Wait, that's still a thing too? OK, so maybe we've taken a few years' long detour into the darkest timeline, but it's not like Joe Rogan is out there telling people about the medical benefits of horse de-wormer. That happened too, didn't it? And the Taliban is back?

May the Source Be With You
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Are you watching "What We Do in the Shadows?" It's the best comedy on TV and you should be!

Telling you all what podcasts and shows I'm into almost seems like too little at this stage, but it's what I have to offer. Tell you what, if any of you lovely Source readers have anything you want to talk about or just get some big feelings of your chest, send me an email or a note care of the Source and we'll talk. All of you are beautiful and strong and let's do this together. Also, here's some stuff I'm into.

In Pod We Trust:

The new season of "This Land" just started and if you haven't ever listened to the show, this is a great place to jump on. The podcast focuses on current issues facing the Native American community and it's one of the most fascinating, infuriating and passionate shows I currently listen to, as it has almost completely reframed how I view the United States.

If you want something a little lighter that's also got a bit of bite to it, "True Crime and Cocktails" is an absolute blast. Host Lauren Ash (who played Dina on "Superstore") partners up with her cousin Christy Oxborrow as they literally just get drunk and talk about true crimes and mysteries. Hearing them dive into topics like Anna Nicole Smith and Chyna is kinda groundbreaking because they give them the respect they deserve instead of just treating them like punchlines the way tabloids and the media did for so long.

If you've read this column for a while, you'll know that sometimes I genuinely and unironically enjoy (and sometimes deeply love) bad movies and things that are bad for me, just in general. Well, now I have discovered the holy grail of podcasts that's just for me. It's called "We Love Trash." Hosts Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion review and discuss anything from one-star hotels to terrible '80s slasher films and I am there for it all the way. It's a damn delight and I'm mad I didn't come up with this concept myself.

Now Streaming/Theatrical

The biggest surprise I've had watching a movie all month has probably been Hulu's "Vacation Friends," which should have been a terrible odd couple riff, but ended up being one of the funniest movies I've seen all year. John Cena was terrible in this year's newest "Fast and the Furious" entry, but somehow steals every scene in "Vacation Friends," so more of that, please.

The newest Marvel series on Disney+, "What If...," is a bleak and fascinating look at some of the darkest timelines of the MCU. The newest episode follows Doctor Strange as he travels back in time over and over again trying to save a life and it's easily one of the most heartbreaking things Marvel has ever done.

Also, why are you even reading this? The new season of "What We Do in the Shadows" just started and it's already an absolute banger. If you're sleeping on this show, Hulu has the first two seasons and shows the new ones as they air. Get on it. You'll be glad you did.

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