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The Sights of Summer

The Source Weekly's editors pick their favorite summer movies.

Every summer there is an array of blockbusters vying for our attention, but only a few resonate with us and are still memorable years later. The Source editorial staff shares our favorite summer movies, which may be some of your favorites, too.

Stand by Me (1986)

Filmed in Oregon, this is one of the greatest coming-of-age films ever put on celluloid. Adapted from a Stephen King novella, Rob Reiner's cinematic rendering captures the restless spirit of a tribe of young boys on the cusp of adolescence who embark on one last summer adventure - a quest to find the body of a dead schoolmate - before they outgrow such childish escapes. I'm not a fan of voiceovers, but Richard Dreyfuss' narrative is pitch perfect. - Eric Flowers

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

Oh, calm down, Mr. Uptighty Squareman - this isn't a porno, as its name might suggest. Rather, it's a hilarious comedy set in 1981 about a Jewish summer camp and stars tons of actors who are now more famous than Don Drysdale, including Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon...should I keep going? OK, Michael Ian Black, David Hyde Pierce (from Frasier!), Elizabeth Banks, and many other hilarious weirdos. It's probably the most ridiculous movie ever made, by which I mean, it's brilliant. And it features one of the best athletic training montages in film history, so yeah, that's an added bonus. - Mike Bookey

Now & Then (1995)

For pre-teen girls growing up in the '90s, there really is no summer movie more memorable than the tale of four girlfriends who set out to have the best summer of their lives. Whether it's doing a séance to raise Dear Johnny from the grave or stealing the clothes of their boy rivals the Wormers, Now & Then is a summer must, and could easily be considered the girl version of Stand By Me. - Anne Pick

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Not just the ultimate summer movie, Dazed and Confused is the ultimate middle finger to the man. Jason London, at the peak of his hotness (which spanned the time from the beginning to the end of the filming of this movie) quits football, smokes weed and generally is the ultimate cool dude. Ben Affleck is awesome as the super douche "O'Bannion," Parker Posey is the terrifyingly realistic mean girl, Darla, and Matthew McConaughey delivers his most quote-worthy performance ever, as evidenced by this line: "Hey man, you got a joint? Well, it would be a lot cooler if you did."

- Sara Roth

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