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Weenie Dog Week

A humorous look into television's popular Shark Week.

Look, I have nothing against Shark Week. This annual weeklong tribute to those finny, ass-chomping murderers of the deep is as anticipated in the Humpy household as Christmas, Easter, and all those other made-up holidays. HOWEVER! The Discovery Channel could devote the occasional week to a far more frightening animal—the weenie dog. DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH AT MY PHOBIA!! The weenie dog is, statistically speaking, far more dangerous, and here's my three-pronged proof:

Proof One! Unless you're that dick Aquaman, how much time do you spend in the ocean? 20 minutes a year tops? Comparatively, how many times a year do you pass a weenie dog? Maybe 125? Therefore your ankle's chances of being mauled by a weenie dog are 125 times greater than an attack from a shark. (Note: The previous statistic was pulled directly from my ass, but it's nonetheless scientifically sound.)

Proof Two! Weenie dogs are the worst. Weenie dogs are ugly, misshapen, unnecessarily angry, and racist. YES, RACIST!! Because of their German descent, not only do they despise Jews and homosexuals, they hate ALL races—except the weenie dog race. There's only one weenie dog race I love... and that's when 20 weenie dogs race each other around a horse track. It's HILARIOUS!! (Racists racing are always funny. I can still hate them, though.)

Proof Three! Weenie dogs are clinically insane. Are sharks insane? NO. When they take a bite out of a seal, surfer, or sex-crazed teenager, it's usually because they're starving to death. Conversely, the reason weenie dogs take a bite out of people's ankles is for one of the following reasons: (1) Weenie Dog God told them to. (2) The person's ankle reminds them of a Jew. (3) They believe their teeth are miniature diamond-encrusted robots that will eventually teleport them to weenie dog heaven if constantly coated in human blood and cat feces. In short, WEENIE DOGS ARE BATSHIT CRAZY!!

That being said, Discovery Channel does not have a "Weenie Dog Week," it has a "Shark Week"—so we'll just have to be satisfied with a week devoted to a less frightening, less violently bonkers animal. Here are a few highlights:

Air Jaws Apocalypse (Sun Aug 12, 9 pm). You thought last year’s Ultimate Air Jaws was apocalyptic? Check out Air Jaws Apocalypse in which documentary filmmakers swim with the air-hopping Great Whites as these killers plot their cunning plan to destroy and eat the earth! (Or something like that.)

Sharkzilla (Mon Aug 13, 10 pm). Designers and scientists come together to recreate and build the ancient monster shark Megalodon—this actual working giganto-shark will then surely escape, and murder and eat the earth. (Or something like that.)

How Jaws Changed the World (Tues Aug 14, 9 pm). A documentary about how Steven Spielberg’s Jaws not only led to a wholesale slaughter of sharks, but ultimately their conservation.  We know the rest of the story… their brains grew to three times their normal size, they learned how to use guns and Facebook, and then they took over the earth. And ate it. (Or something like that.)

Unless you’re a weenie dog, follow me on Twitter. @WmSteveHumphrey

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