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2016 Give Guide

Feeling helpless about the state of our nation? Help those helping others, right now.

During a presidential election year, the issues plaguing our country, our state and our smaller communities tend to get thrown in our faces with extra fervor.

We know the issues are out there all the time, but as we've just seen, our political candidates often elevate the problems in order to further their own agendas—and we all get swept up in the madness. When the political dust settles, we have Hope for Change. We want to be Stronger Together. We pray America will be great again.

But if you've been paying attention for more than a single election cycle, you know that our problems can't all be fixed at the county, the state or the national level. Legislators and legislation can only go so far.

But wait—don't cast yourself into despair just yet. Within your hands there is still the power to affect change. It starts by first understanding the issues most pressing for your region, and from there, knowing who or what to support to make things better. In other words, you can work for change with your time and your wallet, by supporting the organizations already on the front lines.

For this year's Give Guide, we've identified four areas of biggest concern for people in Central Oregon. They're far from the only issues we face here, but they're ones that continually stand in the way of success for our most vulnerable residents. When you understand the issues and why they're important, you'll be better equipped to change them.

Inside this guide you'll learn about the people and organizations working to combat Central Oregon's biggest issues. We hope that you use these pages to learn, to share, and then to work for change with your very own wallet.

For this year's Give Guide, we've identified four areas of biggest concern for people in Central Oregon:

· Affordable housing

· Homelessness

· Education

· Women's Issues

« How to Give »

Don't let your vote be the only way you work to effect change this year! Whether your budget allows for a contribution of thousands, or even a contribution of a few dollars, now is the time to make an impact.

Find the contact information for every organization listed here. Click their links, find their "Donate" buttons, and then give what you can today. You'll find the links listed in this guide, but the Source maintains links to each of these organizations on our website year-round.

· $50 Want to tackle homelessness among youth? Fifty dollars gives a teen a bed for the night at Cascade Youth & Family Center.

· $200 Want to help women who have been victims of sexual assault? Two-hundred dollars gets two women a First Response Comfort Kit (including clothing, undergarments, toothbrush and crisis support) from Saving Grace.

· $1000 Want to support affordable housing efforts in Bend? A donation of $1,000 or more gives Kôr Community Land Trust a big leg up in acquiring land.

Take a look at this year's Give Guide features:

· Affordable Housing: Housing that Won't Break the Bank

· Education: Building Skills and Stimulating Economic Growth

· Homelessness: A Place to Call Home

· Women's Issues: Counting Women In

· Give to Local Nonprofits

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