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Fall Fashion 2014

Dapper day and elegant evening looks

Evan Brown

N Spekktor (a pseudonym, she requested we don't run her real name in case she gets famous someday) is a local painter and fashion designer with a penchant for electronic music. As a testament to her passion for fashion, she wears a tattoo of a needle and thread shaping an infinity symbol on her forearm like a badge of honor. That, and hot pink lipstick.

"I've been into fashion since I can remember," explained the now 27-year-old Spekktor. "I was about the LA and New York trends even when I was living in Alaska as a kid and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't wear the things they were wearing. It just wasn't sensible."

Spekktor started designing jewelry seven years ago, mostly for herself. Soon she was inundated by requests from friends who wanted her signature pieces, and was overwhelmed with an inventory that was taking over her house. She took her designs to Rescue Consignment and posted them to an online Etsy store and started selling, soon moving on to not only jewelry design, but clothing as well.

Now, her Etsy store is international and this year, Spekktor launched her first swimwear line, which appeared in shows in the Bay Area and Seattle. Spekktor is the designer for the following pages, the Source's 2014 Fall Fashion spread. With the help of local shops and local designers, the issue showcases a full day of fashion in the life of a Bendite.

"Morning was more relaxed, casual comfy, still chic so that you can be fashionable and have brunch and walk your dog," explained Spekktor. "Noon, I was thinking fun in the park, hanging out with your friends, classic fall. Evening, I wanted to take a high fashion approach. We have so much beautiful clothing in this town that people don't get to see so I wanted to showcase that. For the night shoot, I wanted to show a little more urban edge. Style that, unless you go out at night, you don't necessarily see."

See the full Fall Fashion slideshow here.

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