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1. Remote Starter

Winters in Bend are rough, especially if you're an early riser with a commute. Those first few freezing cold minutes before your car heats up can be the most miserable of the day. So, why not eliminate them for your loved one with a remote start? Get the car warming from the comfort of her heated house, or with an upgrade, let her integrate the cars' control into her smart phone. Technology rocks! $249.99 to $700.00.

SoundsFast, 541-312-4332, 142 NE Revere Ave.,

2. The Lily Pad

Tupperware lids disappear faster than single socks in the dryer. Plus, The Lily Pad eliminates the frustration of plastic wrap covers that won't fully seal, and fits pans and bowls of all different shapes and sizes. The silicone suction lid seals tight on all smooth rims: stainless steel, glass, plastic or melamine. $9.00 to $13.50.

Kitchen Complements, 541-389-5913, 137 NW Minnesota Ave.

3. Nail Shellac

A manicure procedure in which nail color can last up to two weeks, Shellac is the polish of the future. The super sticky polish will save ladies repainting time and doesn't chip as easily as regular varnish. $10 to $40.

Spa W, 541-388-1485, 125 NW Wall St., Tangerine, 541-389-9090, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., / Jinsei Spa, 541-383-8282, 118 NW Newport Ave.,

4. Cosmetic Procedures

Central Oregon Dermatology offers every cosmetic procedure you can imagine including Botox, mole removal, chemical peels and laser hair removal. Great for the modern woman who likes to look good. Just be sure to tell her it's not because you think she needs it. Prices range based on procedure.

Central Oregon Dermatology, 541-678-0020, 388 SW Bluff Dr.,

5. Vintage Furniture

Old is the new new! Vintage with a modern twist, 595 Project strives to make new furniture that looks old. All the furniture is brand new, but has a nostalgic feel. Each piece is dated so you can assemble cohesive décor from any era. Prices vary.

595 Project Furniture, 503-799-6918, 595 SE Glenwood Dr.,

6. Nashelle Jewelry

Nashelle makes interesting modern designs out of recycled material, another twist on old becoming new. This gunmetal big looped chain and brass pendant are a gorgeous statement, plus this and all of Nashelle's jewels are made here locally. Recycling is so in right now. AND famous people are wearing this stuff! Price based on piece.

Nashelle Jewelry, 855-853-1900, 61511 American Lane,

7. BackBeat GO

Wireless earbuds that are Bluetooth capable and help connect you to all of your media with no strings attached. Ideal for women-on-the-go, these earbuds are some of the lightest and most compact accessories around, no plug in required. Great for women who need to be connected at all times without the hassle of extra cords and bulky Bluetooth headsets. $109.99.

Connecting Point Computer Center, 541-385-6757, 514 NW Franklin Ave.

1. Electric Bike

If your guy is looking for a new way to get around town, help him jump on a fast and easy electric bike. They reduce pollution and make commuting a breeze. No more excuses for hopping in the car. $1,100 to $3,000.

Let it Ride Electric Bicycles, 541-390-9848, 25 NW Minnesota Ave. Ste. 6,

2. GoPro HD HERO2 camera

This camera will make any outdoor adventure visually stunning. One of the most multifaceted cameras on the market that can shoot wide angel hi-res video, mounts on almost anything and can shoot deep under water. If he has a fascination for making wild and crazy videos, this is the camera for him. $249.99.

Pine Mountain Sports, 541-385-8080, 255 SW Century Dr.,

3. Airbrake Goggles by Oakley

The newest Goggle innovation has arrived and is going to make snow conditions clearer for your riding. The Switchback technology makes lens changing super fast and easy. It comes with two lens tints, triple-layer foam and hi-tech anti-fog vents. $220.

Powder House, 541-389-6234, 311 SW Century Dr.,

4. Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Keep your water cold and your tea hot with these locally made hi-tech insulated bottles. Their double vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. They are available in 12 to 24 ounce sizes. There 64-ounce growler is also a great, reusable gift for beer lovers. $20 to $50.

Hydro Flask, 888-584-9376, 900 SW Wilson Ave.,

5. Sidestream Hydration Waistpack by Mazama Designs

This waistpack ain't your typical fanny-pack, it's something all types of athletes can use. Similar to a Camelback, the body-contoured design sits nicely around your waist with up to 45 ounces of liquid space. The retractable drink tube makes recharging on the go easy—even easier than using a Camelback. $44.99.

Mazama Designs, 800-664-9519,

6. One Elite Rod by Sage

This 5WT 9'0" 4-piece rod has been called the most versatile one ever made. The durability of the titanium reel seat and stripper guide creates a smooth casting stroke. The trout in our local lakes and rivers have met their match. Your man will bring home a delicious dinner every night. $725.

Fly and Field, 541-318-1616, 35 SW Century Dr. Ste. 100,

7. 16 oz. Silipint Pint Glass

Drop-safe pint glasses made from BPA-free, non-toxic silicone, Silipints are locally made and great for camping or around the house. With a higher R-value than glass, plastic or Styrofoam, Silipints are better insulators and will keep your beverages colder. It's science! $9.95 to $11.95.

Silipint , 541-728-0632, 150 SW Scalehouse Lp. Ste #102,

1. Necomini Brainwave Cat Ears

These fun and furry brainwave cat ears will have all your friends talking. Put a pair of these on and show your emotions. The only rave toy you would ever buy for your kids, the ears rotate and flutter with every emotion as the forehead sensor tracks your mental state. $160.00.

Wabi Sabi, 541-633-7205, 830 NW Wall St.,

2. Laser Pegs Building Set

These new and innovative building peg and block sets will wow your children and keep them busy for hours. The opaque plastic sets with small LED lights come in a variety of colors and sets including a spaceship and a dragon. The colorful construction will appeal to kids of all ages. $19.99 to $58.99.

Wonderland Toy Shoppe, 541-706-9136, 520 SW Powerhouse Dr.,

3. The MamaRoo Bouncer

A modern pod for your baby, the MamaRoo bounces and sways to imitate parental comforting. The Roo has built-in nature sounds to calm your little one, or you can plug in your iPod and blast some futuristic tunes, like the 2001 Space Odyssey soundtrack, for your baby's enjoyment. $199 to $239.

Topolino, 541-318-5663, 842 NW Wall St. Ste. 2., on Facebook

4. Halo 4

This video game is the newest in the line of critically acclaimed first-person shooters Halo series. The graphics will blow their minds as they battle ancient evil with friends. Don't forget to pack them a lunch while playing this intense and fun adventure, cause they won't want to get up from their chairs. $59.95.

GameQuest, 541-382-4059, 61535 S Hwy 97 Ste. 15,

5. Spooner Freestyle Board

This fun and easy board has become a hit in gym classes everywhere. Kids of all ages will want to jump right on and spin around endlessly. It is a cool tool to learn all kinds of board sports and is nearly indestructible so you can take it anywhere. $45 to $55.

Leapin' Lizards, 541-382-8326, 953 NW Wall St.,

6. iPad Mini

Smaller hands seek smaller computers. The Ipad Mini has all the capacity of its larger sized partner with a 7.9-inch display that will fit in backpacks for easy access. With thousands of game apps, eBooks and monitoring software, kids can be tech-savvy and safe at the same time. Be sure to get a protective case! 16 GB $459.99. 

Connecting Point Computer Center, 541-385-6757, 514 NW Franklin Ave.

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