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Three products to put on your radar

For Your Review

Whether joints or vapes are your method of consumption, here are a few items we like right now.

Princewoodart portable rolling/stash box

Sometimes, you just want a joint—the analog, OG method of consumption. Carrying around papers and weed in your pocket is fine, but a flat, stable rolling surface isn't always readily available.

This is a stylish, practical and beautiful solution, handmade in Oregon.

For Your Review
Princewoodart portable rolling/stash box.

Princewoodart is the Etsy store of Paul N. Prince, who for 38 years has specialized in working with exotic hardwoods such as figured walnut, quilted maple, curly purple heart, eucalyptus, curly koa and mango. He selects them for their "fantastic colors and grain figure, causing them to reflect and refract light in unusual and rhythmic ways." Mine has an unearthly glow even in low light. In full sun, it reflects like a light show.

The "Pocket Stash Box," measuring in at 4.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and a mere 7/8 of an inch high, slips into a trouser or jacket pocket, solid but surprisingly lightweight. The full removable top is held on by magnets strong enough to keep the top from being dislodged, even when hiking.

The interior is polished to a glass-smooth finish and includes a rolling-paper-sized and shaped tool for scooping, also a great makeshift rosin-spreading tool. It easily holds a pack of Elements rolling papers, several joints and a fat 8th. If filled solely with joints, 10 would fit nicely.

Everyone who sees this asks about it, and understandably so. It's an artisan-grade craft container to transport my craft cannabis.

Haze Quad portable vaporizer

For Your Review

Billed as the "first and only quad chamber vaporizer," this palm-sized portable unit uses on-demand full convection heating, and handles flower, concentrates and oils. It's solidly made with an innovative design, and for the light-to-moderate cannabis consumer or two, a great choice.

It's made of smooth finished black metal, measuring 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches and 1 inch thick, so even Trump-sized hands can handle with ease. There are five preset temperatures, between 320F and 410F. The Pro edition has an app allowing customization of temperature options with an expanded range of 310F to 480F, along with changing colors of the light-up temperature gauge and vibration alerts.

It twist-locks together with a single dial. When unlocked, it disconnects into three pieces. Fill up to four individual chambers with your choice of flower or concentrates. I filled up with two strains of flower and two types of hash, about a quarter-gram in each chamber. You can pack it fuller, but a loose pack allows greater air flow to pass through.

At a 350F setting, I got about 12 hits per chamber. Once done, I simply turned the unit like a Rubik's Cube to the next chamber—cleverly numbered so you won't forget which bowl is filled or cashed. A single charge allowed me to consume all four chambers, drawing through a small removable mouthpiece I'm certain will be the first of several small parts I'll lose. It comes apart for easy cleaning and can be used while charging. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer

For Your Review

This next-level piece of equipment vaporizes flower and concentrates via induction heating—which as I'm sure you know and that I did not have to Google at all—produced using electrically charged magnets. This provides a lightning speed heat-up time of about 5 seconds. There are over 25 different heat settings, ranging from tasty-but-nearly-invisible vapor, to lung-busting thick clouds, and 25 "light show" settings.

The unit stands 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide, topped with a thick Borosilicate glass, hourglass-shaped percolator. Fill up a ceramic herb or concentrate cup, then load it in using reverse action tweezers, which, when stoned, is an exercise in not spilling the cup.

I got giddy when I realized the unit can run off the attached battery pack. Dr. Dabber claims a full 150 heating cycles; I got about 120. There's an automatic cool-down cycle after each session of use, though mine was fussy during a couple sessions, repeating the cycle even though the unit was sufficiently cooled. A self-cleaning mode burns off any residual concentrate, although soaking in 99 percent isopropyl alcohol also works.

I found the carb cap troublesome. You should avoid metal instruments to dab and stir, although ceramic is fine. The dab tool for the Switch is a glass spike several inches high, shooting up from the carb cap. When leaning over to take a hit, it sits inches from your eye. Mine thankfully broke off the first time the cap dropped.

At $400, this is an investment piece, but it's a high-end device with a two-year warranty. I would place its dabbing capabilities up against any rig requiring a torch, and it would make an outstanding party piece.

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