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High Standards in Bend

A quick look into some of Central Oregon's most popular dispensaries

Since Oct. 1, 2015, the state of Oregon has allowed medical marijuana dispensaries the option of selling marijuana to adults age 21-and-over who do not possess a state-issued medical marijuana card. This was a historical step in the acceptance of recreational use of cannabis not only for Oregonians, but also for the country as a whole. Currently there are 18 dispensaries in Bend, and this number is expected to keep growing. The Source was able to sit down with three of these companies to discuss the products that they offer to both medical cardholders as well as those who use marijuana recreationally.

Bloom Well, Oregrown, and Dr. Jolly's share a few things in common, but each has differentiating qualities so that they stand apart from each other. First off, each dispensary spoke very passionately about the importance of making each person who enters their doors as comfortable as humanly possible. Many people still have a lingering feeling of uneasiness as the legality of marijuana, both medically and recreationally, is still relatively new. It's like going through a metal detector at an airport: There is nothing to be afraid of, but then again, is there a kilo strapped to my leg? Bloom Well certainly stood out amongst the flock as making comfort a strong priority. Head honcho Jeremy Kwit says that he and his staff, "...want each person to feel more relaxed and more comfortable from the moment they approach to the moment they leave."

Another shared priority amongst this group is education. More importantly, proper education on benefits as well as dosages. Oregrown has a cheat-sheet of its product contents that is available to customers. Those working there were well-advised on their bud knowledge, the THC and CBD content of each product and personal preferences. Again, however Bloom Well and honorable mention Jolly's had the most in-depth information regarding products available to both medical and recreational marijuana users.

Melissa Johnson, of Bloom Well, discussed each product, its effects, and the recommended dosage. Steve Layton, a manager at Jolly's, also deserves a tip of the hat for his passion and enthusiasm in spreading cannabis knowledge. This might have something to do with both dispensaries getting either, all, or at least half of their product from outside vendors. The education of their staffs must stay up-to-date, while Oregrown supplies its own product and therefore the information is always at hand.

Oregrown, according to co-owner Hunter Neubauer, is the only cannabis company in Oregon that controls all aspects of the product, from "grow to display." Neubauer says the advantage of this method is knowing for sure that all products are organically grown to Oregrown's standards.

Consistently high product standards proved to be a common theme across all three dispensaries interviewed. Each company expressed the essential requirement of quality and safe cannabis. None of the dispensaries interviewed had anything positive to say about the synthetic designer drug Spice, also known as synthetic cannabinoid, which mimics the effects of cannabis when sprayed onto herbal base material. Quite the opposite, actually. All three dispensaries warned of the dangers of not knowing what is actually being consumed. Spice is not sold in any of these stores and medical staff should be thankful for this lack of availability in dispensaries.

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