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How to get a man into mom jeans

Bend's guide to gettin' some as a single mom

Sure, life as a single mom is as busy as a bee, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be time to make honey. Here are the Source's tips on where to go and what to say when mama is looking for a one-night daddy or a forever father.

The One-Nighter

Venue: The Riverside Market

Heels not required, but the casual "market where you can park it" is an ideal hangout for summertime sunning, cornhole (a-hem, we're talking about the bean bag toss game, of course!), a few cocktails and some no-strings-fun.

What to say: On Mondays, $1 PBR night, "Can I buy you a PBR? You seem worth it."

The Summertime-fling

Venue: Les Schwab Amphitheater

Summertime lovin' can be a blast, even though it can go so fast. (Tell me more, tell me more...) A medium-term casual relationship can be ideal when looking for a companion to go rafting, climbing and attending concerts with over the summer. (No need to keep him/her, though, once the summer chills down; winters are just as good with an electric blanket and a good book.)

The amphitheater is happy hunting ground: Plenty of good-looking, single wo/men who, presumably, are gainfully employed enough to afford a $35 concert

ticket and $5+ beers.

Suggested approach: While, really, any line will pretty much work for men—as 99.9 percent of them are just waiting to be hit on—try these more summer specific pickup lines for best results: Is it hot here, or is that just you? Haven't I seen you at yoga? Yes, down dog, sit down! Baby, you are a firework! (Best within one week of July 4th.) You can light my fuse anytime. Oh, you are making my heart slip and slide. Or, have some class, and simply ask him/her to share your blanket and bottle of wine.

Forever Father

Venue: PTA Meeting

If finished with silly games of the heart, it's time to throw on a cardigan and find a single dad at the next PTA meeting. Sure, Hugh Grant should rarely be the model for picking up quality dates (cross-reference 1995 Divine Brown prostitute scandal), but his character in the film Like A Boy taps into the wisdom that single parents at PTA meetings make pretty good life mates. Hopefully this means they understand a few of the building blocks for a stable relationship.

Suggested approach: Picking up at the PTA is a slow art, no "Come here often?" or "Check out the big brain on your honor student!" necessary. Just talk. Pace yourself, sister.

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