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When doing nothing feels so right: A case for staying in while living in a town that never seems to stop being out

Cayla Clark

It's Friday night. You get home from work, kick off your shoes and begin to carve the perfect spot out in your couch—then the notifications start coming in.

"Hey, dude, let's grab a beer!" "*Insert band here* is playing at Volcanic! Let's go!"

You read these texts and consider the fun it might be, but instantly feel guilty. Because, honestly? You don't want to go anywhere. You want to pop some edibles (an indica, in-da-couch strain, of course) and have the time of your life right in the living room. SO DO IT! Text those go-getters right back and let them know you don't plan on going anywhere tonight. You have your movies and video games. You're good to go.

As a self-diagnosed expert at staying in, I think it's important to have these nights to yourself—and you really don't need to look further than your home for fun. Here are a few tips to help your stoned self enjoy every minute.

Stream It

It's time to binge

"MFKZ" – Netflix
A wild, adult, animated sci-fi movie starring rappers RZA and Vince Staples. "MFKZ" follows Angelino and his friend Vinz as they begin to navigate through all of the weird things (agents with tentacles trying to kill them, superpowers, lucha wrestlers) happening to them.

Courtesy GKids

"Snowpiercer" – Netflix
Directed by Bong Joon Ho ("Parasite"), "Snowpiercer" follows the last people in humanity—all of whom live on a train. The train cars divide you up by status, but how long can that really last for the people in the back? This is an intense and great watch to let take you over.

"Pen15" – Hulu
"Big Mouth" – Netflix
"Sorry To Bother You" - Hulu

Play It

Choose your own adventure

"Everything" – PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC
The title of this game is exactly what the game encompasses. From a molecule, to a tree, to an animal—you transform and connect yourself through various ways of growth, ecosystems, layers of the Earth and more. Your jaw will drop, you might cry, but most of all you'll be blown away as you realize how all life is connected.

Courtesy Toys For Bob

Spyro The Dragon: Reignited Trilogy – PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC
With the newly remastered editions of the first three Spyro games, you can relive your childhood all over again—and if you've never played it, the new editions make it look like a brand-new game. The Spyro trilogy is colorful, has a great soundtrack and is the perfect difficulty level to help keep your wits about you if the effects from the night are strong, but not so hard that you won't have fun on this adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch
Red Dead Redemption 2 – PS4, Xbox, PC
Stardew Valley – PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

Listen To It

Background tunes for reading, making art or just zoning out

"Superorganism" by Superorganism
Superorganism is a super group made of eight artists from all over the world. The way they mesh sounds together is incredible as the group creates its own unique blend of alternative pop-rock. The album will definitely be a little trippy but in the best way possible.

Mute Records

"DSVII" – M83
The latest album from M83 doesn't have any words in it. It's an ambient collection of pop music that sounds like the score to an adventure game or movie. "DSVII" will submerge you into a new world as you kick back and let the synths surround you.

"Honey Bones" – DOPE LEMON
"Birthplace" – Novo Amor
"Whack World" – Tierra Whack

Order It

When Door Dash is your best friend

MOD Pizza
China Doll
Planker Sandwiches
Los Jalapenos

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