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Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll...& Smoothies?

Local musicians tell us how they manage to keep their svelte figures while touring

The world of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll hardly conjures up the image of healthy habits. Late nights, long travel days and copious amounts of stress lead many to go down comfort food alley. And that's not to mention the many venues showing their appreciation by showering artists with ample treats—often in free-flowing liquor form. The struggle for healthy eating is very real for musicians. In honor of Winter Wellness and Fitness guide, three local musicians give us their food for thought on eating well.

On The Struggle to Eat Healthfully

Bill Powers, songwriter and guitarist, Honey Don't: "Well I'll say I've gained some pounds since getting to Bend a couple of years back (laughing). All the beer and rich food has taken a bit of a toll. Often part of your "perks" is beer and food—this is a blessing and a curse as bar food is fattening and so is beer."

Personally, I stick to an anti-inflammatory diet and do countless headstands. No tobacco smoking, no alcohol, and what food group is coffee in?

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Conner Bennett, guitarist for Broken Down Guitars: "I wouldn't say it's hard to be healthy, but it's hard to make the time to factor in healthy eating as a musician. You're preoccupied with practicing, so food isn't really high on the list. It's sometimes hard to figure out a time to eat when we are in the middle of practicing, or setting up before a show. It's a very real struggle."

On The Nutritious Choices They're Making

Bill Powers: "I do try to pick healthier options—salads and such. The number one thing is that we have a farmer in the band in Benji Nagel (who owns) with his wife, Carys Mahonia Gardens—he's great about bringing us extra veggies after farmers markets. I really enjoy the Sisters Market as the vendors are always friendly and appreciative of the music—often bestowing us with handmade cheeses, yummy baked goods and delicious veggies—just in appreciation–that always feels and tastes good. Then; there are the farm-to-table gigs—these are my favorite! Shout out to Rainshadow Organics, they really are just the best. So many happy smiling faces enjoying incredible fresh and seasonal fare, sharing a meal with the staff afterwards is a just reward.

Conner Bennett: "I try to start my day off with a green smoothie, those are the best. I have a great recipe of pineapple, orange and mango juice, half an avocado, scoop of greek yogurt, handful of kale or spinach, chopped turmeric and ginger. The turmeric is great for anti- inflammatory properties, especially when you're playing a lot of shows.

On The Food They're Actually Eating

Stacie Johnson, guitarist and lead singer, Broken Down Guitars: "Personally, I stick to an anti-inflammatory diet and do countless headstands. No tobacco smoking, no alcohol, and what food group is coffee in?"

Bill Powers: "Suffice it to say that if I could I'd play farm-to-table dinners exclusively if I could and otherwise I plan to spend more time and money at the Farmers markets—the more local the better. That alone will be a great healthy approach. And sticking to whiskey when I can ... wait, what???" (laughs)

Conner Bennett: "Honestly sometimes before a show, it's so busy that I forget to eat. Does that count in eating healthy? Otherwise, it's Dump City Dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

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