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1. I shall gleefully continue to burn this crap in my woodstove all winter long. Keep up the good work!

—Chris Haindel

2. Whoever is "PB," terms come to mind...twit, jerk, ass, etc.

—Linda Gillard

3. What were you thinking, or were you?

—Bob Stillson

4. I hesitate to even waste my time replying to a third rate media source such as this paper...


5. Oh Brianna—sweet, sadly misinformed Brianna.

—Lance Hardy

6. ...orientation hustlers...

—Jon Jegglie

7. Maybe if you cut back on binge watching dramadies and actually got to know a little about the diverse group of humans that call this beautiful awesome place home you wouldn't write such an ignorant piece.

—Patrick Trowbridge

8. The Source Weekly arts and culture editor informed me yesterday that they have zero interest in even hearing my new CD, even though it is a fund raiser for the herd of white buffalo here in Bend, and even though the players involved have multiple gold records and have recorded with the Beatles, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, and many others. I was however invited to drop a free CD for their staff to enjoy, which I declined, remembering that this paper has never even reported the number of our white buffalo accurately-ever. It's hard to call that good, kind, or fair work.

—Charles Button

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