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Good Grief Guidance

“For only while loving do the pains of living lighten.” ~ Robert Bly

We each live with grief, whether through death, divorce, depression, loneliness, feelings of unworthiness and abandonment, or social and ecological upheaval.
It is in changing our relationship with grief that we may begin to live the beauty
of who we are.

Good Grief Guidance understands that it is through identifying and befriending our sorrows, and releasing outgrown truths and stories of the self, that we are able to transform our pains and losses into healing and positive growth. In doing so, we are empowered to move from a place of surviving to that of thriving, both within ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we engage the larger community.

In a peer-support setting, Good Grief Guidance facilitates a 16-week program
of healing by creating a safe place of connection which affirms the inherent
worth of each individual, and which recognizes every person as whole,
unbroken and without the need for fixing, saving or correcting.

Within each grief group, whether in schools, prisons, or with teens and adults within the community, Good Grief Guidance enables people to tend to their grief by
tending to one another.


$35 funds one week of the 16-wk grief program for one man at Deer Ridge Correctional Institute in Madras

$45 funds one week of the 16-wk grief program for one teen or adult in
the community. 

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