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Ten Friends assists and empowers young women, children, and communities in Nepal—one of the poorest countries in the world. We support the Hopeful Home Orphanage in Kathmandu, and our Himalayan Education Center educates young women who dream of becoming teachers. Twelve have succeeded! We’ve established 19 libraries in village schools, installed 160 water filters in orphanages, and facilitate educational sponsorships for children in Nepal. Our mission is a long-term approach to liing communities out of poverty by providing education, literacy and improved health. We are especially focused on bringing women out of household labor and into teaching or leadership positions in their communities. We operate and fundraise locally with a network of amazing volunteers, without paid employees.


The educational and living expenses for our orphanage and Education Center programs are $1000 per year for each child or young woman. Water filter for orphanages cost $250. Community libraries cost around $2000. Donations of any size help us continue supporting the Hopeful Home orphanage, the Himalayan Education Center, water filter, and library projects in Nepal. For more info. or donations see tenfriends.org. We appreciate your support!


Rand Runco: 541-420-5910
[email protected]

Mark LaMont: 541-280-7778
[email protected]

Sally Benton: 541-549-4902
[email protected]

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