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BendNest Bookshelf: Fall

Two great reads for kids

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Cover illustrated by Lelena Fisher

Friends Beyond Measure
By Lalena Fisher

What happens when you meet a new friend and think the fun will last forever? "It started the day we met." Two new friends are busy making fairy tea, reading graphic novels, teaching chickens to sit, doing puppet shows, Claymation, making Halloween adventures, jumping on a trampoline and playing for hours and hours. Fisher's new picture book will take you on a friendship journey filled with playing, creating, disagreements and a few surprises. Run up the crooked tree, make fairy houses, play horse, create crafts and have silly fun – all together. Enjoy an honest friendship picture book told through infographics, timelines and colorful illustrations. Useful charts are included in the back of the book. Draw your own friendship feelings or make a map showing all the places you explore with friends.

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Cover illustrated by Sandra V Feder and Rahele Jomepour Bell

Peaceful Me
By Sandra V. Feder & Rahele Jomepour Bell

What makes you feel peaceful? A young boy describes when he feels peaceful and when he doesn't feel that at all. You might want to be outside in "fluffy clouds" or doing something nice for someone. Feder and Bell explore outside and inside moments through one young boy's experiences and encourage readers to go through their emotions too. "Sometimes I feel peaceful when I'm having fun." But what do you do when you don't feel peaceful? Perhaps you can imagine your favorite things or go to a quiet place. The beautiful illustrations create picturesque experiences filled with laughter, quiet reading moments, falling leaves, a game and lots of family and friend time. The illustrations highlight objects and locations that capture each moment. Ice cream? Soccer? A hug? Find your peaceful moment, draw a picture and share it with a friend. 

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