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Best Kids Yoga

Tula Movement Arts

Best Kids Yoga
Megan Baker

Tula Movement Arts

Lotsie Cash, Owner

What does the term "movement arts" encompass?

We offer so many different kinds of classes that we couldn't just call ourselves a yoga studio. We have classes like Aerial Yoga, AcroYoga, Hoop Dance and Slackline, so it feels appropriate to refer to us more as an innovative movement facility. I was a professional ballet dancer so performance, creative expression and the joy of movement are part of my DNA. They're certainly at the core of Tula's mission as well.

What are the advantages to starting movement classes at a very young age?

There are so many! For one, young kids don't have a story about what they can and can't do yet; they just show up with a sense of curiosity and play. They learn so much faster because of this. There are also tons of kinesthetic advantages like increased coordination. Plus, several studies show that movement in early childhood can lead to increased intellectual capabilities.

Tell us about your "aerial" yoga classes for kids.

For the younger kids, simply swinging and/or laying in the hammock never gets old. For the older kids, we offer a range of basic yoga poses to more advanced circus-style poses depending on the level. It's a great way to strengthen and stretch the body, increase coordination and even build confidence. It's so much fun that it is easy to forget it's also a lot of work!

Why is yoga an important part of prenatal care?

Prenatal yoga is an incredible way to alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy, while preparing the body for optimal labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. We often see a lot of bonding between the mamas in Prenatal Yoga that often carries over to Mom & Baby Yoga and even sometimes beyond the studio. In my own pregnancy (just this past year), I honestly couldn't imagine going through the experience without prenatal yoga and the other women I connected with in class.

Tula Movement Arts
2797 NW Clearwater Dr., Suite 100 & 500, Bend
Check website for class schedules

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