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Editor's Notes

Growing up, back to school always meant a new pair of shoes. We’d load into the station wagon, hit the mall and return with magnificent new kicks to wear on the first day. That small trip suggested the changing of seasons and prepared us for a new school year.

Editor's Notes
Source Weekly

What is your family’s ritual to mark the transition from summertime to back-to-school?  

Anticipating fall, things cool down and outdoor sports practices juice kids in the afternoon. Weekends offer opportunities to visit local farms and a pumpkin patch or two. It’s harvest time, so the apples are crisp and abundant, squashes are everywhere and the brilliant autumn colors present themselves throughout town.  

Riding horses also comes to mind as a prominent Central Oregon activity. In this edition, Nicole Blume explores the discipline of equine-assisted therapy in the Feature and makes a visit to Healing Reins where children can feel the healing power of these majestic animals.  

Wrangling members of the family before the routine of school and extracurriculars kick in is not a bad idea. Annette Benedetti shares some helpful strategies for coming together and planning for success in Parenting.  

Did you know that students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, as well as have an easier time adapting to school? Find out just what it means to be an “involved parent” in Education

If price tags are blowing your mind these days, do not despair—there are some wonderful discount and second-hand stores in Central Oregon, as well as Buy Nothing Facebook groups where free items abound. In Trending, you’ll find some worthwhile shopping tips for any budget. 

Donna Britt comes through this edition in Family Time and shares her easy dinner ideas: Simple Butternut Squash or Sheet Pan Chicken? Both should be a hit with the family. 

We are also proud to present, in Outdoors, the most comprehensive guide to pumpkin patches and local ranches in the region. Head to Terrebonne in search of the infamous corn maze and get lost in the fun. With animal options available there, squeals and giggles are guaranteed.  

Enjoy some special family moments together this fall!  

Angela Switzer

One of the original members of the Source team, Angela remembers the days of ringing fax machines and crying babies when the newspaper operated out of her home. She loves all things outdoors, especially mountain biking with hubby, trail running and cooking gourmet meals, while camping in her beloved Eurovan. Her...
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