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Best Dressed City Councilor

Victor Chudowsky

When debating weighty city topics like the Surface Water Improvement Project, Mirror Pond and sewer upgrades, it is important to look good. Or at least look like you care. Newly elected Councilor Victor Chudowsky cares. But not too much. It's not like he's showing up like he's going to the Oscars. But a nice pair of jeans and shoes go a long way. Mostly what sets Chudowsky apart is his adherence to clothes that fit. Not too baggy, not too tight, the tailored look is classy and timeless. Often, Chudowsky chooses classic dark-blue jeans (thankfully devoid of silly embroidering and pre-stressed edges). A rolled cuff and leather top siders look nice and are sensible options for bike commuting, which Chudowsky does regularly. And his simple, logo-less knit shirts and solid-color button-downs work just fine. When the temps drop, Chudowsky opts for a track jacket or, at city council meetings, a well-tailored blazer. Bravo, sir. (JW)