Best Alternative Health Practitioner 2016 | 1st place | Andrew & Ashley, Pangea Family Chiropractic | Health & Recreation | Bend

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Best Alternative Health Practitioner

1st place | Andrew & Ashley, Pangea Family Chiropractic

It is no secret that the U.S. is facing a major healthcare crisis. We spend more money and receive worse results than the majority of the developed world – but the Pangea Chiropractic team is on a mission to change that through education, transparency and empowerment. Their approach is to look at individuals as living beings instead of treating people's symptoms. Dr. Ashley and Dr. Andrew Torchio lead an extremely passionate team, serving patients from infancy to advanced age. They utilize the body and its healing potential through the use of their hands instead of drugs. Their office in the Brookswood Plaza is far from clinical and feels more like a community wellness center than a doctor's office. It's a place where patients learn a new way to think about wellness and how to take responsibility for their own health. New patients are offered a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation and can schedule out their entire care plan, including in-house X-rays. Check their calendar for free public workshops, because they're literally taking the worst possible hand and turning it into a royal flush.

Pangea Family Chiropractic

19550 Amber Meadow Drive, Bend


2nd Place: Dr. Wendy Weintrob, Glow Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine