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The first smash burger I ever had was at Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries, and I'm not sure I've had a better one since. There's something special about your first smash burger that sticks with you, and Blue Eyes Manager Mekenzie Stearns tries to help me understand.

"A smash burger is an alchemy of beef, salt and fat; it is the perfect combination of flavor," says Stearns. "We aren't looking for a specific temperature, but rather the Maillard reaction on the beef. We want the thin, crispy lace edges to create a contrast in flavor and texture, while the thinly shaved onions smashed into the nod to the tradition of an Oklahoma-style smash burger. Smashed patties are an enjoyable no-fuss burger that pack a punch of flavor in a short amount of time."

But what makes a perfect burger? Everyone has their own opinion, but I like Stearns' take: "Simplicity is key, and sourcing quality ingredients is a crucial part of making a burger great," she said. "When we think of a burger, the beef and bun are the shining star, with the rest of the ingredients being a supporting act.

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Jennifer Galler
Cheers for the win!
"At Blue Eyes, our burgers feature local 100% grass-fed beef from Pitchfork T Ranch (or house made veggie patty), a fresh baked bun from Jackson's Corner and toppings highlighting local farms whenever possible. We truly believe you are getting a taste of place when dining with us, although nothing we are doing is new; these are age-old techniques that have withstood the test of time, and we strive to represent our version of the classic cheeseburger to the best of our ability."

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Jennifer Galler
The famous smash burger!

With a million burgers to choose from locally, the care that Stearns and Blue Eyes take with each patty is why Central Oregon has voted them the best.

Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries

Midtown location

706 NE Greenwood Ave., Ste. 100, Bend

Open daily 11am-9pm

Boss Rambler Food Truck

1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend

Open daily Noon-8pm

Second place: Bend Burger Co.

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Jennifer Galler
The Blue Eyes Burgers & Fries team!

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