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Best Food Cart and Best Vegan


"Best Vegan" is a new category in Best of Central Oregon this year, and it's no surprise that Toasty is taking home the top honors. The cart is honored in first place for Best Food Cart and Best Vegan, but also earned second place in the Best Vegetarian category.

It all started with a random idea and now, four years and many, many crunchwraps later, the Toasty truck at The Podski in Bend has become quite famous for its plant-based food magic. Especially the Nacho Crunchwrap.

"We ran the crunchwrap as a special and it pretty much went viral around town," explains Toasty founder Brooke Preim-Tobias, who runs the truck with her husband, sister, brother and several other employees.

Her original idea was to open an avocado toast food cart but once open (six months before the pandemic hit), she realized that people were really wanting something craveable, juicy and savory.

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Jennifer Galler
The famous Nacho Crunchwrap at Toasty made with Beyond beef, cashew queso, avocado and other delicious vegan ingredients.
So the menu expanded to include vegan burritos, wraps, bowls, tacos, salads and other comfort foods. You can still get avocado toast, of course, including the Veggie Avo, Scramble on Toast and the Chili Lime.

Toasty's menu is fully vegan, 100% plant-based and includes plant-based meats, cheeses and sauces that taste familiar and delicious without causing any unnecessary suffering toward our animal friends. Toasty's ultimate mission, according to Preim-Tobias, is to promote community compassion for all living beings, doing as little harm as possible to the animals, the environment and each other.

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Jennifer Galler

She says she couldn't believe the news that Toasty was voted Best Cart and Best Vegan Cart but is thrilled about it. "We're so appreciative, ecstatic actually! And we're super thankful for our customers and feel so very grateful."


536 NW Arizona Ave., Bend (at The Podski)


Tue – Sat 11am-8pm

Second place Best Food Cart: The Americana Truck

Second place Best Vegan: A Broken Angel

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