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Best Smoothie/Juice Bar

Mother's Westside Juice Cafe

Not all smoothies are created equal; that's why Mother's Westside Juice Cafe has been a Central Oregon staple since 1999. What's the secret to that level of longevity? The answer is "Great ingredients, consistency & love," according to Executive Chef Renee Raymond. That makes sense since as long as I've been going to Mother's, I could always taste the love.

"Mother's has had longevity in Bend because we are part of the community we love to serve," says Raymond. "We staff our restaurants with people who are hard-working, consistent, and believe in our product as much as I do!"

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Nicole Vulcan
When it comes to Mother's smoothies, three is not a crowd.

The Pink Lady has been my favorite local smoothie since I moved here in 1999, finding a perfect balance between freshly squeezed OJ, strawberry, peach, banana and mango sorbet. It's a great treat for the end of a bike ride or a walk, giving me a delicious reason to exercise and be healthy. Sometimes it's easy to order a smoothie from somewhere that might taste decent, but sits quite heavily on the stomach, something I've never experienced from Mother's.

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Nicole Vulcan
The smoothie masters at Mother's raise a toast to their tasty win.

"I hope people leave our restaurants feeling fulfilled and refreshed, not weighed down and tired," says Raymond.

I also asked Raymond if there was a specific fruit that she feels people are sleeping on "Medjool Dates! They are known as the fruit of the gods and have so many wonderful applications when it comes to food." Raymond says, "We are incredibly grateful to the community of Bend for showing us so much love and support over the years!"

Our pleasure, Renee.

Mother's Westside Juice Cafe

1255 NW Galveston Ave, Bend


Second place: Emerald City Smoothie

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