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Pondering Inspired Women

Portraits of feminist leaders grace the walls at Franklin Crossing

Pondering Inspired Women
Sue Carrington
Ruth Bader Ginsburg portrait by local artist Sue Carrington.
Passed by Congress in 1919 and ratified to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, the right to vote was granted to women only 100 years ago, thanks to the fierce determination of suffragettes and feminists like Susan B. Anthony. This significant act unlocked doors (though some remain unopened), granting access for women to invaluable social and political spheres of influence. Take Shirley Chisholm, who became the first African American woman elected to Congress, or The Notorious RBG—Ruth Bader Ginsburg—not the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court (that distinction belongs to Sandra Day O'Connor) but certainly the most revered for her fervent protection of women's rights. (Her portrait is on this week's cover of the Source Weekly.)

Painter Sue Carrington invites us to turn our gaze to women, such as these in a series of portraits, on display throughout the month of October at Franklin Crossing.

Pondering Inspired Women
Sue Carrington
Portraits of Amelia Earhart and Shirley Chisholm by local artist Sue Carrington.

"It is my hope that we ponder the result of these inspired women and all of the change and progress they've brought to the world," Carrington said. Indeed. Go ponder; perhaps you'll be inspired to action, or to seek out more influential women whose stories are lesser known—or simply, to offer gratitude for the work these intrepid women have undertaken.

Sharing the exhibition is Kristine Cooper, whose abstract paintings are "visual diaries" that aspire to communicate those thoughts too big to express in words, exploring topics such as trauma, relationships and beauty.

Pondering Inspired Women
Kristine Cooper
This work, Palms, is by Kristine Cooper.

A desert gathering

Of note this weekend, PLAYA invites you to turn your gaze to some celestial stars at its Dark Sky Gathering. Held during the New Moon, this event offers an excellent opportunity to stargaze in the sparsely lit Oregon Outback. The public is invited to attend on Saturday from 7:30 to 10pm with storytelling from Mary Stewart Adams.

Sue Carrington & Kristine Cooper Opening
Fri., Oct. 4. 5-8pm (First Friday)
Show Open Oct. 2-28
The Atrium in Franklin Crossing
550 NW Franklin Ave, Bend

PLAYA Presents: Dark Sky Gathering Story Telling with Mary Stewart Adams
Sat., Sept. 28. 7:30-10pm
47531 OR-31, Summer Lake

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