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Stop, Look and Listen: Two must-read music blogs

Two music blogs currently churning out top-notch recommendations to the blogosphere.

Start with a passion for music, add friends who are constantly asking for album and concert recommendations, then throw in a tiny bit of Internet savvy, and you’ll eventually end up with the modern version of a professional music writer—the part-time blogger.

Of course blogging doesn’t always have to involve writing. Sometimes creating a blog post is as simple as posting a video or a widget that streams songs.

Either way, when you find a blogger who aligns with your own taste in music but also pushes you to explore not just bands that weren’t on your radar but entire genres of music, you’ll end up sharing the writing with your friends just as much as the music they are promoting.

Here are two music blogs currently churning out top-notch recommendations to the blogosphere.

Writer: Emily Poncetta

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Let Your Ears Decide

When you’re hearing so much great music every single day and you just can’t keep it all to yourself, eventually you have to find an outlet to express your passion. That is what 22-year-old Emily Poncetta did when she started Let Your Ears Decide just three months ago.

Let Your Ears Decide is an upstart blog that typically utilizes quick multi-media posts with a few words about the recommendation. Poncetta typically points her readers toward music that won’t scare away mainstream music lovers. Instead, she gently eases them into the world of creative music with fun sounds that convey her belief that music is like an old friend.

“[Music] is always there for you when you need it,” says Poncetta. “Music can take a bad day and make it better.”

Though still quite new to the music blogging scene, LYED is a site to watch. And given enough time, it could become just as much of a friend to you as the music it promotes.

Writer: Michael Senchuk

Location: Edmonton Alberta

New Music Michael

If you didn’t know it already, there is a ton of fantastic music coming out of Canada and New Music Michael is the blog you’ve got to read if you want to stay on top of it. Michael Senchuk’s blog also contains a lot of non-Canadian information as well, since his focus isn’t just on the bands but also on the reader.

“I feel like it’s pretty easy for people to get stuck in a musical rut nowadays,” said Senchuk during a recent interview. “New Music Michael introduces readers to new and breaking artists in the indie and alt-rock universe.”

Senchuk is also an avid fan of live music and thinks people should explore their local surroundings.

“I think that every city has a music scene that’s worth discovering,” says Senchuk. “I’m always amazed at stumbling upon some band from a city I’d never even think about having a scene, but sure enough, you end up hearing about three or so bands worth your while.”

The content on NMM is a blend of commentary, multi-media and tour dates. With new posts almost every day, NMM should be bookmarked on your browser.


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