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Christina Ricci's Forehead September 21, 2011

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  • Browncoats Unite!

    A humorous look at the 10th anniversary of Firefly.
      As I’ve surely mentioned, there’s only one sure cure for a raging hangover, and that’s 1) a meal comprised of over 93 percent pork fat, 2) an 83 ounce jug of Coca-Cola—of which 27 ounces are rum, 3) boisterous sex, and 4) an entire afternoon of watching multiple episodes of either Veronica Mars, classic Melrose Place, or Joss Whedon’s Firefly. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to rise from the couch for anything other than boisterous sex. (The empty Coke cup is there for you to pee in.) OH! Speaking of Firefly, did you know it celebrated its 10th anniversary this fall? That’s right—10 years… which means you’re OLD. You’re older than Oldy McOlderson, the oldest old-timer at the Decrepit Octogenarian Geriatric Old Person’s Home for the Terminally OLD… which went out of business 50 years ago. That means you’re forgetful, and you need a quick reminder about this awesome show!
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  • I Love Television™: Party Like it’s 2008!

    A humorous look at the upcoming election night airing on all the major networks.
      Guys! This coming Tuesday, November 6, is election night (watch it on all major networks, 7 pm)… AND WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT A FEW THINGS. Thing One: A significant number of you have already informed me you will NOT be having sex with me that night. This is a problem. On election night in 2008, many of you were so ecstatic about Barack Obama becoming president, you formed a long, but orderly line to have sex with me. But now that we’re four years in, and President Obama hasn’t exactly turned out to be as awesome as many of you had hoped, you’re no longer squealing about the prospects of another Obama term, and both your enthusiasm and horniness are muted. However…
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  • I Love Television™: The Great Manipulator

    A few must see shows airing this week, along with the presidential debate.
      UGHHNHH! Why is everybody always trying to manipulate me? Just 10 minutes ago, my editor tells me I need to write gooder. Psssht! I’ve been writing this column for over 15 years, and my writing has only improvend. (Or at least it had not been more worsenening.) Listen, people! I will not be manipulated! Not by my boss, not by you, and certainly not by ex-Mrs. Wm.™ Steven Humphrey #2 who keeps trying to convince me I’m the father of her three children with scientist-approved DNA tests and sworn testimony from Maury Povich. OH! And speaking of TV, I won’t be manipulated by that, either! Here are three good examples of TV that won’t be manipulating me this week:
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  • Trilogy of Terror

    A humorous look at upcoming seasons premiering this week.
      Guys! I hope you packed an extra pair of tighty-whiteys (I know I always do), because this week’s TV schedule is jam packed with shows designed to scare the poop into them! Which actually is pretty annoying. I mean, it’s fun to be scared—but if you’re like me and suffer from HTBD (Hair-Trigger Bowel Disorder), then a random startle can quickly turn into a VERY messy situation. Example! The other day I was in Costco marveling at a 37 lb. can of boiled baby carrots, when some stupid dingaling accidentally dropped a 75 lb. box of “dandy monocles” right behind me. Naturally I assumed it was the vengeful ghost of Osama bin Laden crashing a stolen B-12 Bomber filled with syphilis into the “gigantic bags of frozen chicken wings” aisle (because why wouldn’t he, right?), and a second later… PFFFTTBBTTHHFFF! My HTBD went off, and I’m standing there with a dookie ball the size of Jay Leno’s head in my pants. Which in Costco isn’t that unusual—but still! My underpants have better things to do with its time than to be assaulted in such an unseemly manner!
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  • Top Five Super Dicks

    A humorous look into CW's new show Arrow debuting this week.
      Here are the top five superhero dicks in ascending order of dickishness: #5) Batman—Total… dick. First, he calls himself the “world’s greatest detective.” Umm… Encyclopedia Brown is the world’s greatest detective, dick! Batman may be the world’s greatest “brooder,” though. Look, I’m sorry his parents died and all, but a) I’m pretty sure that doesn’t give him license to become a vigilante sociopath who skulks around at night beating people up, and b) HE’S RICH. Things cannot be that bad! Turn that bat-frown upside down, Grumpy Gus!
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