Best Men's Clothing 2015 | Revolvr | Shopping | Bend

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Best Men's Clothing


Cole Davis

Revolvr has only been open for a few months in downtown Bend, but winning Best Men's Clothing so quickly speaks volumes for their reception. With a wide variety of clothing—including local designers—and all sorts of amenities for the modern gentleperson, the store is far from stuffy or snooty.

Dayna Corbeille, the manager of our local shop, had a few ideas why Revolvr has caught on so quickly: "Our staff is awesome, I have a killer team. It's our vibe, the music we listen to, and the product that we have is different," she says. "We get a lot of pieces from the brands that we carry that are reserved for boutiques, so we're able to get things that you won't see in the box stores. And I think free beer never hurts!"

Corbeille adds "We have a really tailored look for men of all ages. Our market is from 16 to 70-year-old men. I think we fit a good tailored look for a wide variety of ages."

2nd Place: Vanilla Urban Threads