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Local thespian and experienced plant papa John Kish first dreamed of opening up an indoor plant shop 10 years ago while studying theater in New York. In 2018 his green dreams started sprouting into reality. "I began with pop-ups at local stores like Revolvr and Wren and Wild," Kish explained. "I started out with tip money that I made at a local coffee shop, and I was able to expand into a 400-square-foot studio at the DIY Cave. Finally I moved to the Old Mill in June." 

Best Indoor Plant Shop
Megan Baker

Kish noted that being a part of the Old Mill Community far exceeded his initial expectations. "It's been a crazy difference," he said. "The Old Mill has been so amazing to be a part of. I've been getting so much support from the community and from other small business owners. I was scared to go bigger, but I think I've been able to maintain a small and personable feel. I'm lucky to have a lot of loyal customers who believe in what we do, and we've managed to maintain our integrity and the sense of accessible knowledge we strive for." 

Kish noted that his full-service indoor plant shop is currently expanding to provide additional services to those who are looking to liven up their personal space. "I offer hour-long consultations within people's homes so that they're able to make more informed purchases at the shop; understand what will best fit their space. We're starting up our workshops again, which are always fun. We host everything from date night terrarium building classes to plant Q&As, which we call 'Plant Parenthood.' Our main goal right now is just bringing a little bit of joy to people's crazy lives." 

Somewhere That's Green
661 SW Powerhouse Dr., Suite 1301, Bend

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