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Best Lunch in Sisters

Sisters Meat and Smokehouse

Sisters' best lunch is also one of its great specialty markets, offering an array of smoked products — beef dogs, bratwursts, and jerky, as well as fresh meats including specialty items like lamb and elk. But, the sandwiches are why Sisters Smokehouse is the returning champion of our annual Best Of poll.

"We make our own sandwich meats, if you're talking about the lunch, which is the reason that we are so good is because we make such good meat and we make it out of quality products," said Kay Johnson, owner of Sisters Meat and Smokehouse.

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Courtesy Sisters Meat and Smokehouse
Look for the big red barn for delicious meats and sandwiches in Sisters.

"We have a Tri Tip sandwich, that's our most popular item. That's a hot sandwich. And then we have our turkey sandwich, cold sandwich, which is awesome. And our French dip and our Reuben. Those are probably our top four sandwiches."

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Courtesy Sisters Meat and Smokehouse
The sandwiches are supreme, but there's also plenty of chips, cheeses and other condiments and sides.

The Sisters Meat and Smokehouse meat cutter and smokehouse expert both come from a long line of food professionals. The local, family-owned business is also expanding to new territory. In April Sisters meat and Smokehouse opened a second shop in Redmond, bringing its signature high quality meat, charcuterie and, of course, their sandwiches.

Sisters Meat and Smokehouse

110 S. Spruce St., Sisters


Open daily 9am-6pm, food served 'til 5:30pm

Second place: Sno Cap Drive In

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