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Awakening Your Inner Hero

You are making the world a better place

I've never met you, but I know a thing or two after nearly seven decades of bouncing around here on earth. Now, for sure, I don't know even a billionth of what there is to know. No one does, but I'm darn sure of this one: You, yes you, are making our world a better place to live. Of course, some are doing it better than others.

Another thing I know is that there are also times when each one of us has not made this world a better place by our words or actions. This is the reality of our human condition — imperfection. We make mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it. Other times we consciously choose to do what we know is not right. Some mistakes are bigger than others.

We should all grow, learn and have the courage and humility to admit our hurtful words and actions. But none of us ever knows all of them. Our task of self-betterment is never fully completed.

Back to the reality that YOU ARE MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, which is a very cool realization. It doesn't need to swell your head, but it does need to travel into your heart and mind so you can continue doing better every day.

Let me give you a glimpse into this lens of seeing and acknowledging the goodness in you and every person. To be accurate, as I alluded to above, the ratio of good to not good is different for each one of us, but there is always a ratio.

When I drive anywhere and there are cars in front of me, next to me, behind me, passing me...I have a mantra that goes like this: the person driving in that car is coming from somewhere and going to somewhere. That somewhere could be home, work, shopping, picking up their child or to the gym to work out.

Think of all these folks we see when we're going somewhere as if every single one is an essential part of a huge global beehive. Every bee is busy-busy either taking care of the queen, making honey, building or repairing the hive, collecting nectar from flowers, warming or cooling each other as needed or sharing information about nectar locations with their fellow bees. In the big picture, bees help produce one-third of our food supply, help provide one-half of the world's fibers, oils and other raw materials, help create many healing medicines and provide us with heavenly honey. Each and every bee has a key role.

Back to every person we see, either in a car or otherwise. Each one is providing many roles in our huge global beehive. The list is too long to even imagine, but it's all the way from giving birth to providing end of life support in hospice care...and every single role in between.

Each one of us is helping make our little part of the world a better place to live, from carpenters and house cleaners to brain surgeons and police. And each one of us, at least most of us, have done some damage to our world as we make our way through life's journey.

This is the whole point of my message today. We do both. We add to and subtract from the betterment of the world. Both the people and our planet. We can be grumpy or we can be cheerful. Humble or pompous. Wasteful or careful. Generous or stingy. Patient or impatient. The list goes on. ...

Let's keep making our world a better place and let's keep learning from our mistakes.

These are our two most important assignments.

- Burt Gershater is a counselor, leadership trainer, speaker and writer. He can be reached at [email protected].

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