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You, Your Dog & A Beer

Where to drink with man's best drinking friend

It's July, summer's in full force, and for many locals stuck in workplaces while every vacationer in the world's hitting the river with their kids, there's only one thing in mind: When can I get out of this joint and IPA it up on someone's lawn with my dog?

Much like the history of human civilization, the history of craft beer in the U.S. is closely intertwined with dogs. Many are the breweries in this country, particularly down south where it's warm most of the year, where patrons can bring their leashed pets right inside to hang out—from tiny joints like Brew Gentlemen in Pittsburgh all the way up to Cigar City Brewing, the Tampa-based giant that singlehandedly launched the scene in Florida.


This is great for dog people. There's no scientific poll yet, but casual observation seems to indicate that craft beer fans and owners of large breeds tend to be the same crowd. But it's kind of bad for, well, everyone else, leading to complaints about unruly pets and the occasional Facebook flame war. The beer-crazy city of Denver banned dogs from all breweries in 2016, based on the idea that beer counts as "food" and needs to be regulated as such, and most drinkers replied by either taking their business outside city limits or just plain ignoring the ban.

There are few brew locations in Oregon which go as far as a "bring 'em in" policy, but lots of local joints have large, dog-friendly outdoor spaces. Some to check out, next time anyone wants to hang out at a craft joint and chill with their pets at the same time:

There are many places to take a dog down NW Galveston Avenue, most famously 10 Barrel and The Lot—both packed with little kids giving pets and french fries on the ground to scarf up. (Plus, for whatever reason, dogs love the grass planted in that little outdoor island at 10 Barrel. It's a mystery to everyone.) In between is Aspect, which has a recently-expanded beer garden, plenty of Bend-exclusive beer, and dogs for miles. Plus: A front-row seat of Galveston traffic, with Westfalias and ancient Subarus passing by all afternoon.

Crux Fermentation Project probably speaks for itself. The outdoor area is huge, complete with its own bar, a couple of food trucks, and a massive amount of space to romp around. Just down the street a bit, though, is Spoken Moto, which slings out coffee and beer at equal intervals and also has a food truck-equipped outside area.

Speaking of the Old Mill area, the entirety of this shopping area has been beer-and-dog-o-rama almost ever since it opened. Atlas Cider and Immersion Brewing both have great outdoor patios, the former even offering a dog bed should one be needed, and both have tremendous offerings for the summer heat. On the other end is The Brown Owl, which has to be commended for its outdoor-oriented setup—food out in front, one of the best (and least touted) taplists just a few steps inside. There is no better way to achieve oneness with your dog.

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