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Better Than Her Men

But still, does anyone have worse taste in men than Sheryl Crow?

Although Sheryl Crow first broke into the public consciousness with the declaration that, "All I want to do is have some fun," in the two decades (and some change) since her breakout, blowup debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, Crow has proven that she clearly has more substance than being a simple party girl. On her second album, she produced unapologetic songs that talked about abortion and nuclear war—and it was subsequently banned from Wal-Mart because one song accused the mega-store of selling guns to children.

Consistently she has been outspoken about progressive causes, and was a major supporter for Barack Obama during his first campaign. She has donated a significant portion of concert proceeds to United Nations World Food Programs, raised money to support education for at-risk youth, and launched her own foundation to support breast cancer research.

Yes, Crow is a beautiful, smart, caring woman, but jeez, has any singer since Carly Simon had worse taste in men?

Example #1: Kicking around L.A. in the early '90s, Crow was dating Kevin Gilbert, a younger, painfully handsome, and moderately successful multi-instrumentalist who was part of a songwriting collective, The Tuesday Night Music Club. Gilbert brought Crow into the group, and she soon became its center. According to press accounts, her relationship with Gilbert frayed after the album Tuesday Night Music Club was released and he disputed songwriting credits. Two years after the album won a Grammy, Gilbert died from "apparent" autoerotic asphyxiation.

Example #2: Crow has racked up a decent number of acting roles in addition to her singing career. Her debut was in 1999's The Minus Man, a molasses slow "thriller" that starred her then-boyfriend Owen Wilson, who had recently completed his first two Wes Anderson films. Although adorable, Wilson is a sad puppy dog and, years after their breakup (and not related), apparently tried to kill himself. The song "Safe and Sound" on Crow's 2002 album is about their relationship.

Example #3: In 2003, Crow begins to date post-cancer Lance Armstrong, during the cyclist's strongest period of his career as he was at his comeback's high point and racking up Tour de France yellow jerseys. In 2005, Armstrong announces his retirement and Crow releases her fifth studio album, which is nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, and the couple co-hosts "Saturday Night Live;" it seems like bliss. On February 3, 2006, the couple announces that they have split and about three weeks later Crow begins months of radiation therapy for breast cancer. Doubtful that she wore a yellow bracelet during her treatment.

Sheryl, you deserve so much better!

Sheryl Crow

6:30 pm, Monday July 6

Les Schwab Amphitheater


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