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Pick's Indie Rock Breakup Playlist Picks

Because Valentine's Day is actually Singles Awareness Day for some—but music helps

Can we change this to the anti-Valentine's Day issue? Rather than bend to the whims of the love-centered holiday, let's listen to indie rock songs aimed at assisting in healing from that breakup you recently experienced. If you're mending a broken heart this V-Day, we've got your back. These songs span the gamut of feelings after a breakup.

Get Out — Chvrches — Love is Dead

This new single from Scotland-based electro-pop trio Chvrches debuted on Feb. 2 and couldn't have come at a better time (at least in terms of this playlist). The first single from their upcoming album, "Love is Dead," "Get Out" starts with the exact beeps and boops necessary for a poppy electronic pick-me-up. Then the lyrics come in and strike a cord of truth from the first verse through the end.

Talked ourselves to death

Never saying what I wanted

Saying what I needed

I pushed you to the edge

Never knowing what I wanted

Knowing what I needed you to say

No Room in Frame — Death Cab For Cutie — Kintsugi

Ben Gibbard, lead singer and songwriter for Death Cab for Cutie, reflects on a failed relationship, asking, "Was I in your way when the cameras turned to face you? No room in frame. For two." He felt as though he disappeared in his relationship, which many of us can relate. This song falls perfectly into the reflection phase of a recently ended relationship.

Breakin' Up — Rilo Kiley — Under the Blacklight

Fair warning, you may want to save this one until you're on the verge of breaking through the breakup funk. This celebratory anthem toasts to all of the "pretty words we will never speak, here's to all the pretty girls you're gonna meet."

Am I breaking up?

Are we breaking up?

Is there trouble between the lines?

Did your heart break enough?

Did it break enough this time?

Ooh it feels good to be free

Ooh it feels good to be free

Ooh it feels good to be free

When it comes down to it, we've all experienced heartbreak. For me, indie rock speaks to my soul and assists in the healing process. But sometimes you just need a really good laugh and songs like "Breakin' Up," bring a smile to your face, even this close to Singles Awareness Day.

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