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Be Cool: Trail etiquette reminders from COTA


Last night, at the Bend Bicycle Film Festival (which was awesome and well-attended), COTA rolled out its "Trail Love," campaign...

The Central Oregon Trail Alliance is an important group; it keeps our trails in tip-top shape. Those trees blown over by winter storms and blocking trails? They don’t move themselves—thank COTA. Those blown-out corners on Whoops, South Fork and Funner that magically heal during the off season? Yup, COTA, again.
So when COTA rolls out a simple “trail love” campaign explaining proper singletrack conduct, it deserves attention. (Remember and heed the basic suggestions. If you forget, there’ll be signposts at trailheads and other junctions to remind you.)

Here’s the breakdown. (Note: COTA's words are in bold; our explanations follow.)
Look, Listen, Smile: Basically, don’t be a dick. Also, keep your head up (don’t stare at your front tire); one ear bud, please (no one wants to have to yell to get around you because you’re jamming Mumford & Sons at max); smile (because you’re doing something fun). Woody has been preaching these basic tenets for years…
Descending Riders Stop For Others: This is an oldie but goodie. Uphill riders have the right of way; they’re working hard to preserve momentum, so graciously pull over and let them whiz past before continuing your descent.
Tread on Trail: Singletrack is fun because it’s a narrow ribbon of trail in the woods. Don’t make it wider by riding around roots and rocks. Keep your tires on the trail and COTA can use its resources to add trails instead of having to undo your “new line.”

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