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Mickey Avalon On Friday Night: Call Him Mr. Right Out the Door

A brief recap on Mickey Avalon's Bend debut on Friday night.

When it comes to picking up ladies, many men lament the fact that "nice guys always finish last." They defend their logic by explaining that the meaner a guy is to a girl, the more she'll want him. These guys would hate Mickey Avalon

When it comes to picking up the ladies, Avalon knows a thing or two about this paradox. In fact, he's mastered it. He's both the nice guy and the bad guy, especially on stage, and he plays the bad guy really, really well.

So it was no surprise that a large portion of the crowd was made up of hyper sexual girls trying to get a piece of Mickey while envious guys took mental notes in between fist pumps. 

Avalon knows how to attract a crowd, but he doesn't seem to have the motivation to try to keep them around. There was no encore, no stage banter and the meet and greet was basically non-existent. (I was told by a perplexed employee that Avalon had just walked out about ten minutes after the show ended, while I stood amongst confused and excited fans loitering for a chance to meet him.) Avalon's set was short and this hasty exit didn't exactly leave a warm fuzzy feeling with fans.

When a person walks around with songs comparing his penis to that of Jesus, it seems kind of moot to expect too much more from them. Naturally this ballad, "My Dick," was the last song and an overzealous audience member seemed pretty intent on verifying his lyric's accuracy. Her parents must be so proud.

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