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After reading the article in the Bulletin last week about potential changes to Galveston Avenue, I decided to ponder the best way for this to happen. And noticed that there is NO MONEY in the City budget for this $2.5-$5 million project. Since there is no college yet on the west side with students who need party places, there is no money coming from that sector. Bend Parks and Rec didn't write this into their budget, so no extra money from that fiefdom. I don't think that vacation renters are aware of the plans so they couldn't be counted on to pony up extra fees for more entertainment.  

After realizing that there must be an option, I think I have found it! Why not install toll booths on the EAST ends of every bridge that crosses the river, so that anyone traveling to the ultra-desirable West side of town can contribute to the improvements to Galveston Avenue. If the toll was $4, it's equivalent to one little espresso each time the bridge is crossed. And soon the City would be rolling in dough for this project.

—Madalaine Forrest


I applaud Rep. Buehler's independence from the GOP line. This is what's missing from politics today! One point to consider: when drugs become [over the counter], the patient pays the entire cost. No insurance reimbursement [equals] higher cost to patient.

—Lahaina via bendsource.com

Knute Buehler votes with the Republican party 94.44 percent of the time, according to the Oregonian.

—BTW via bendsource.com


Wow, who knew Bend was so forward thinking. I'm grateful for some meat free choices. Even though I'm not ready to be a vegan.

—Heather Valentine via bendsource.com

Congratulations Bethlyn!!! Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyards and Events Center knows you are awesome and look forward to your awesome menu at our Mother's Day Brunch!!!

—Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards and Event Center via facebook.com/sourceweekly

This is very well deserved. She is an incredible chef and just as incredible a person.

—Karin Long


Wow Laurie, way to pull the race card on this one. Are you serious? If you desperately seek diversity then feel free to go back where you came from or move to Portland, plenty of diversity there. The anti-Californian sentiment has nothing to do with race, religion, gender, etc... It has everything to do with people moving here from California (or wherever) and bringing their inflated egos, inflated sense of entitlement, bad driving habits, ridiculous opinions, and the idea that we should change and do things the way they were done where [they] came from. Oh, and it may also have something to do with out-of-state interests and companies buying up properties and turning what was once an affordable place to live into the next Aspen. Just because a one-bedroom shack in the Bay Area costs $1,500 a month to rent there, doesn't mean that's what it should be here. But, this has been going on for years and nobody seems to mind, so I guess all the blame can't be put on the transplants if no one objects to the insanity. Maybe it's time for the residents and city officials of this town to take a little pride and ownership in where they live and put a stop to the madness before it's too late. (We can stop the ad campaigns for tourism now, I think we are doing fine in that department.) Or maybe we are too far gone already. "Welcome to Bend, CA?"


IN REPLY TO "F-U-N-N-Y" (4/1)

Nine is a lot? I wrangled 23 over at the upcoming "The School for Scandal"! But seriously, we're hearing good things about the show while we rehearse. Congrats and good luck!

—Brian Johnson

CORRECTION: In "No Room for More Inns" (4/22), we inaccurately portrayed the impact of new City policies on owner-occupied short term rentals and short term rentals rented out fewer than 30 days per year. Both of these types of rentals require a Type I land use permit. All short-term rentals require an annual operating license.


Erin Rook's April 23 article on vacation rentals has several mistakes. He asserts that "owner occupied properties rented out for fewer than 30 days per year are effectively excluded from all the new rules. Those owners, who are just renting a few days here and there, do not need a land use permit, operating license, or to pay transient room taxes..."

In fact, the only thing that Type 1 (less than four rentals totaling no more than 29 days per year) vacation rental properties are exempt from is the 250-foot rule. They will still need to apply for a permit and, in fact, the new fee of $558 is significantly more than the current fee for everyone, which is $454.

They will also need to obtain an annual operating license, just like the year-round rentals, and the City has told me this will cost between $200-$300 per year. All this means that, in their first year, someone who has the right to rent no more than four times per year will pay around $800 for that privilege, or about $200 per rental. This is actually a sweetheart deal for the year round vacation rental owners because the high fees will discourage competition. Unless you have a million dollar home, it makes no sense to pay $800 or $900 in fees just to rent your home four times.

—Dave Seminara

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