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Since when does not being "media friendly" (the Source referring to Flaherty) qualify as a negative?

When politics in Bend is all about being "friendly" to the right people, it allows all sorts of transgressions. This seems like the editors are expressing too much of their personal reactions to him.

I have no personal preference between the two candidates, although I'd prefer drug courts, rather than the massive imprisonment of addicts we have in the U.S., and I have lived in communities where they've been successful.

— Lahaina


Ha! Good spin, but I guess that is needed to justify endorsing a man who is blatantly unqualified for the job. Vote Hummel for political puppet and hope that no homicides are committed in the next four years.



If you think that Hummel is unqualified and could not prosecute a homicide, you obviously have no idea how any of this works...One more thing: Here's why you have no idea what you're talking about: Almost all of the heavy lifting on prosecutions is done by assistant DAs. I know many of the ones in this county, and several of them are very good lawyers. I'm sure the place would run just fine without Flaherty's "leadership." So even if we assume your silly argument about Hummel being unqualified were true for the sake of argument, it would still be irrelevant.



Oh Brianna—sweet, sadly misinformed Brianna. While I do appreciate the point being made about fantasy in heavy metal in your article, "May the Fourth Be With You" (though of the three bands mentioned, it's also noteworthy that RUSH is considered progressive rock, while Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are solidly in the rock or classic rock arena), the statement, "Rush's obsession with dragon slaying," might mislead a whole generation of RUSH noobs just waiting to be diehard fans.

Sure, coincidentally RUSH put out a couple songs in the '70s with lyrics like, "Who's come to slay the dragon?" and "When the dragons grow too mighty/To slay with pen or sword," but that was purely metaphorical, alluding to emotional discovery, inner-growth and the struggle to find and maintain purpose in life. So, hardly an obsession, right? They sang a lot in the old days about battling gods, necromancers, mystical lands, dystopian worlds, witches, and yes, even Lord of the Rings. But not a lot of the actual slaying of actual dragons. And though I may have listened to a lot of RUSH when I was a kid playing Dungeons & Dragons, that does not really or implicitly indicate any dragonesque tie to RUSH.

So in lieu of signing off with a hearty, "So there," I would like to instead offer you the chance to broaden your horizons and really come to know the Holy Triumvirate with an all-day listening party. Mind opened, mind blown. You're welcome.

— Lance Hardy


I am writing in support of Thomas "TJ" Spear for judge. While both candidates might be fine attorneys, only one has the experience necessary for this demanding job.  

The job of Deschutes County judge is not as glamorous as many in the community might expect. Judges must deal with dockets that are bursting at the seams in a branch of government that the legislature has left chronically underfunded, while providing reasoned and fair rulings to the parties that come before them. The largest, single category of cases in Deschutes County is criminal. Spear is a true master of criminal law—both in representing the state as a district attorney, as well as a defense attorney representing his clients.

Likewise, there is no case too complicated for Spear. Not only has he prosecuted and defended some of the most complex criminal cases ever tried in Deschutes County, but Spear has extensively engaged in most civil disciplines as well. Additionally, Spear is a member of the patent bar. Patent law is an elite, legal niche reserved only for those with the greatest intellectual faculties and acumen.

In Deschutes County, judges are not assigned cases based on the law they might happen to know. All judges are required to preside over all types of cases, and each judge spends the greatest part of their time dealing with criminal matters. Spear is the only candidate with substantial experience in all legal disciplines. He has been a pro tem judge in Deschutes County, meaning he has already successfully done this job in a substitute capacity and therefore has a demonstrated ability to meet the rigors of this most demanding of jobs. Deschutes County needs a judge who can handle anything that comes before him and can hit the ground running—Spear is that candidate.  

— Daniel Yeager,



Seriously? Is anyone at all surprised that the Source endorsed Hummel? If you were, then did you know the moon is made of cheese? And yes, Erin (Marlowe, Hummel's campaign manager) used to work for the Source. I'm sure she's broken all connections with them and it's all completely above board. (See moon comment above if you believe this, too.)

OK, let's keep going for a bit. The endorsers of Hummel include the city mayors. The position of mayor is a political position, and the job focuses on being the figure head of the city. Not much to do with law enforcement...The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and Bend Police Department support Flaherty. These folks are the law enforcement (safety and security, we keep hearing about) of our county. Shouldn't that tell us all something?

How about some real facts?

1) Hummel has job-hopped for the past seven years and appears to still be trying to decide what it is he really wants to be. Doesn't this concern anyone?

2) And yes, let's talk money. How about the many millions that Hummel wasted as a city councilor?

Those are facts my friends, not conjecture.

If you have a problem with how the cases against Flaherty were settled—against his wishes—talk with the state, since they settled prior to going to trial. Do us all a favor and also talk with any big-box store about the nuisance money they give people who file frivolous lawsuits, so they go away, so the store doesn't have to spend the money to go to trial. If you're angry at Flaherty for this, start getting a whole lot angrier at the insurance companies for settling these bull cases, instead of saying no more and going to court. Stand up for some personal responsibility. Oh, and don't shop at any store either, since they've probably settled cases just like this.

Two more things: I suspect the lawn sign referred to in the article was placed there by a Source person or a Hummel supporter in hopes it would make press. And guess what? It did! That is speculation of course, but it seems like a lot of people are doing just that.

Lastly, Hummel is not fit to be the District Attorney. Deep down we all know this. So just remember, you get what you pay for. If you vote for Hummel, it's probably more appropriate to say, "You get who you pay for," and let the favoritism begin.

I support Patrick Flaherty for DA, because he has, and will continue to do, a damn good job as District Attorney.

— Anonymous

Letter of the Week

What is wonderful about your comments is that you pontificate that you want to state only facts—and not conjecture—yet a few sentences later, speculate (which, I believe is a lot like conjecture) that someone from our staff placed the lawn sign across the street in order to make up a news story.

Wow! That is a hefty accusation to make. You suspect we did that? Based on? We simply raised several incidents when public funds seem to be used to manage a private campaign and we noted that a campaign lawn sign was placed directly across the street from our office on public property. To accuse us of fabricating news stories is a big far-fetched accusation—one might say you were reaching for the moon on that one.

We know that conjecturing can work up a mean, mean thirst, so we award you our Letter of the Week, and hope you will stop by for your $5 gift certificate to Crows' Feet Commons.

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